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Anil Phadke
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We always feed ad libitum the entire period to support maximum growth, which minimizes the growing period and thus reduces overall maintenance allocation for best FCR.
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Filler material like deoiled rice polish has gone up by 250%( two and half times.). It is used up to 20% of feed in layers.
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Reality check is an exercise of promising entrepreneurs like Dr. Girish Kolwankar from India. His assumptions and responses make him very vibrant industry person.
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Indian poultry sector faced lot of challenges during preceding couple of years. Raw material cost have inflated northward sharply. Soybean meal which never went above ? 45/- galloped to almost above ? 90/- last year. Similar is the situation with maize. Indian layer industry is almost on alternate raw material. Mostly surviving on broken rice as energy source . Conflict between farmers & companie ...
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Dr. Girish Kolwamkar, Director of Premium Chick Feeds, shares his insights on the current problems the poultry industry has to face in India
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I. INTRODUCTION To introduce myself, I am a veterinarian by profession, a poultry veterinarian by accident and I am a field veterinarian by choice. My role as a field veterinarian (along with other professionals and the management team) is to turn expensive feed into profitable meat as efficiently as possible. Thus, my focus on-farm is on bird health and flock management to achieve the best biolog ...
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Coccodiosis in broiler breeders reared on deep litter is a real challenge. The feed restriction starts after 4th week and the quantity of coccidiostat given through feed also get restricted. The outbreak if not detected immediately can kill lot of birds. Deaths can be reduced by prompt early medication.The vaccines given for broiler breeders are live and we should not give coccidiostats in feed to ...
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The common bed bug (Latin name Cimex lectularius) is part of a group of blood-feeding parasites called Cimicids. The common bed bug was mostly eradicated in North America in the 1960s. Then, in the 1990s, large cities such as New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg saw a rise in bed bug infestations that spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, and worldwide. Bed bugs continue ...
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A very good account on colibacillosis covering all the angles. Yes, ascending infection is a very high possibility especially in breeders under artificial insemination. In India, 95% of the breeding flocks are in cages under insemination. the hen is insemination on every 4th day and the instruments are used daily. if they are not sterilized and handled properly there is a risk of ascending infecti ...
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Hi Dr ogbu samuel oluwah: I,am veterinarian in IRAN as you and it is about 30 years working in a Barekat Company that have Ground Parent,-Parent breeder- , commercial layer chicken - also pullets and layer in production. have about 35% share in market . we are working whit Lohmann breed LSL lite for 15 years and before we worked by Hy-line W36- Bovans and Hisex breeds . according to my experienc ...
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