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Introduction Over the years, animal nutritionists have developed alterations in the quality of diets intended for broilers aiming to increasingly adapt these diets to meet the nutritional requirements of these birds. Studies on the protein nutrition of broilers have considered the use of digestible amino acids in the formulation of diets, which makes it possible to reduce the amount of dietary pr ...
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Dr.athangudi s comments about disease diagnosis are not correct. we have excellent pathologists amon which we don't find Dr.athagudi any where. we have labs both in private and public sector who undertake Elisa pcr tools routinely Dr.athangadi should know that Indian industry is well protected with lasota and R2B. we are aware of their ICP values. we are importing many vaccines from out side but ...
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Steffen Hansen If the purpose of the additive is to control Salmonella in the feed, then butyric acid is actually a poor choice, especially protected butyric. Protected butyric acid cannot interact with Salmonella in feed, only within the gut (wherever the protection is designed to release the acid). And, the butyric acid effect in the hind gut is more about feeding the enterocytes to improve tigh ...
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Really very informative data shared.I would like to add some points about Ideal PhytaseBased on PPSP-pH profileImportant to be highly effective in low pH.Important to be effective at broad range of pH (1-5) rangeP-PepsinPepsin ResistantImportant to be resistance to pepsin to avoid the loss of activity in vivo.S-SpeedImportant to have fast working phytase because feed passage time in proximal gut i ...
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Very nice presentation. Practical way control LPAI.
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Dear Dr. Kateri Bertran, I think that the processes of stamping out to overcome AI infection has been failed and the disease appear again so we killed millions of healthy birds but we did not succeed to overcome the problem. In Egypt, in my company, we decided to choose a place and plan of movement to avoid AI infection and we succeeded for about 7 years. If you are interested in this subject I ca ...
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The world is not going to erradicate migratory birds and waterfowl harbouring avian influenza. It is not possible to eliminate virus particles from the world. Stamping out is killing millions of healthy birds mercilessly. Many poultry producers are getting bankrupt with the disease. Nobody can compensate the loss of a poultry farm when it is wiped out within few days.The vaccines are providing pro ...
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Wanted more information on vaccination experience. Are the inactivated vaccines working for hpai? How often one finds an antigenically different mutant? How common is shredding in vaccinated flocks? Recently there are technical reports about the success of recombinant vaccine HVT +AI. Any practical experiences? Auto vaccines prepared for a particular area especially for LPAI should work. Please sh ...
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Matrix values describes the amount of additional nutrients that are released when you add the enzyme. If you study the matrix values for a phytase product you will notice that the manufacturer claims that his product releases xx g of dig. P per kg. feed or is equivalent to adding xx g of DCP/MCP to the feed. If you are studying the matrix values for carbohydrases you will typically notice that the ...
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