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Participation in Forum on August 15, 2023
For a small farmer also transport and mixing of liquid product is not more convenient. We india are encouraging small farmers to for 5% 10% 30% feed concentrate mix where all vitamins minerals aminoacids toxin binders are mixed in one pack. 30% concentrate has the protein portion also. The small farmer grinds and mixes the locally available grain portion and the feed cost gets economical.
Participation in Forum on July 7, 2023
Layer flocks in cages middle aged at highest peak have less possibility of coccidiosis and necrotic enterprise. Still many flocks show watery droppings. Now a days most of the layer farmers go for least cost formulations, use many sources of protein and stretch Fibre levels to the maximum extent acceptable. There must be some non infection based reasons for this. We tried products like halquinol w ...
Participation in Forum on May 26, 2023
At present the standards are 2.0kg in 32days. The genetic progress aimed at and practical is reduction of age by 0.75days per generation ie per year. At this rate achieving 2kg in 25days should be possible by 2032. Definitely not by end of 2023. Welfare people are in favor of slow growing broilers.
Participation in Forum on May 1, 2023
Air cool pads cannot stop entry of viruses. There are few specific pathogen free houses which are fitted with microbial filters and the houses are maintained under positive pressure. When the door is opened filtered air comes out but out side air cannot enter the house. S.p.f birds are not vaccinated but live in ultimate disease free environment. The eggs produced from these birds are used for vac ...
Participation in Forum on April 8, 2023
You are a seller. I am a buyer and poultry farmer working with live stock.
Participation in Forum on April 3, 2023
When there is a problem in the flock don't waste time on unproven technology like oils etc. You will waste money and the flock gone. Check for vaccine/ or vaccination failure. Correct it with an expert advice. Resort to proven antibiotic therapy in prescribed dose.
Participation in Forum on April 2, 2023
Mating ability is a major issue with broiler breeder males under natural mating. The weight and nutrient requirements should be carefully balanced. In India 95% of the 40 million breeders are in cages under artificial insemination. Mating ability is a non issue. We get astonishing fertility of 95% at the age of 60+ weeks with 7% males. The eggs are absolutely clean and we end up with 85% and above ...
Participation in Forum on March 18, 2023
Like to know few of them. Nice if the contacts are posted
Participation in Forum on March 11, 2023
There is a great future for this technology. Safety issues must be considered like mutations and contaminants while manufacturing. Dealing with live products need lot of caution.
Participation in Forum on March 4, 2023
Dear Dr.Afrouzieh, The broiler birds have tremendous appetite and they keep eating when feed is there. Your 7 points are practical and proven. I follow these when our temperatures rise to beyond 40C. We feed the birds at 4am and advise all broiler farmers to lift the feeders to a higher level beyond the reach of the bird after 10am to be brought down again after 5pm. Lot of people are trying to ...
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