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prof. Poultry Diseases
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I can add another important factor that is the used of the lentogenic respiratory viral vaccines, especially for ND and IB. Presence of Mycoplasma in newly hatched chicks aggravate the postvaccinal reactions even with weak live vaccine. Forementioned the use of antimycoplasma after live vaccines could alleviate one of the predisposing factors for the dilemma of complicated respiratory diseases in ...
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I would add that the mentioned program can be used in some countries with many facilities for that. Developing countries with their problems everywhere especially in poultry industry cannot depend on this type of security against causative diseases like salmonellosis, E.coli and clost. We urgent use antibiotics many times due to different causes.
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In spite of bivalent vaccination against Mareks disease, I agree that some cases appears and we can summarise the main causes as follows: 1. Improper handling and storage of vaccines. 2. Delay or insufficient vaccination. 3.Bad hygiene either in hatcheries or in poultry farms. 4.stressed birds e.g overcrowding,bad ventilation,omphalitis and vertical transmitted diseases. 5.Immunosuppressor factors ...
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