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Respected Dr Hisham greetings Deeply sorry for that mistake I mean weak immunity that is to say the mean titre of IB is spare in amount Compare to that of ND
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Dear Dr. Husam, how could you explain the week immunity of IB whenever I used the combination of live Ma5 and clone 30 vaccine in my parent breeder?
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I would be grateful if somebody can explain why mycoplasma maternal antibody titre is always negative in day-old chick from vaccinated parent breeder when tested by Elisa? Why do day-old chicks tested for mycoplasma maternal antibody at 3 week old with Elisa and why does that happen with mycoplasma and not another respiratory disease?
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Can the Mg ts-11 vaccine cross-protect against mycoplasma synoviae?
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I am looking for standard protocol for isolation of clostridium perfringens from necrotic enteritis in chickens. Is the enrichment step necessary for isolation? What is the most efficient enrichment broth that I could use? I had observed in some articles I read that they subject the test sample in anerobic broth to heat shock prior incubation. Why do they do that?
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