Article published the September 9, 2019
INTRODUCTION Fowl cholera is a cosmopolitan disease that affects all kinds of birds but often occurs in chickens and turkeys reared under intensive farming conditions (7). In Argentina, fowl cholera outbreaks are important in broiler breeders. The disease takes place as an acute fatal disease or most commonly, as a chronic infection. Vaccination should be considered in areas where fowl cholera is ...
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vivian It is rare but does happen. FC in young chickens occurs often together with other diseases. In most cases, you will observe mortality and lameness. Normally, FC will appear in breeders. You can read in the above article about the three presentations (photos 2, 3 and 4).
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Yosef Huberman Dear Sir, Thank you for your reply. The reason for me to ask this is due to Ive seen cases of fowl cholera in broilers as young as 21 days, which is rare and contradicting. May i know your experience in consistent post mortem lesions seen in cases of FC? Many thanks. Regards, Vivian
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It is beneficial to view the results of this 9-year study in conjunction with extensive published reviews that concluded that there is no consensus regarding the impact that cage, barn and free-range egg production has on Salmonella contamination of eggs (Holt et al 2011 and Whiley et al 2015). An Australian report indicated that fewer free-range flocks than indoor flocks were found to be environm ...
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Thank you so much, Dr. Charles lbe.
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