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Dr. Md. Beplob Hossain(DVM, MS Medicine) Bangladesh Rodent and lizard control are key to controling Fowl Cholera.It is not airborne! So keep your eyes on these pests . Their urine and fecal droppings are incriminating factors. Dr Charles C Ibe DVM FCVSN ( avian medicine)
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It is very rear to have fowl cholera in Broiler chicken. In Nigeria E coli infection is more common.
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I am from Bangladesh... I shared my real farm experience to controlling FC1. Schedule wise FC vaccination (8-9 wks 1st vaccine & then booster vaccine 13-14 wks age)2. Maintain strict biosecurity management in farm3. Water sanitizer blenching use to purify or sterilizing water4. Organic Acid use in water for control FC bacterium. 5. Garlic Extract use in water & feed Sometimes. 6. Litter ma ...
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Yosef HubermanTrue. Poultry production is getting squeezed between increasing input prices with marginal increase in chicken and egg prices all over the world. welfare compliance is being forced on the animal farming. This will increase the production cost further. probiotics, acidifiers gut heath enhancers herbal products are scientifically proved to enhance the general health which is statistica ...
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Members are encouraged to submit research, teaching, and extension papers. Oral papers presentations and posters should consist of original, completed work that has not been accepted for publication in a journal. Members are encouraged to present research reports in poster sessions to expand the presentation of material, to facilitate discussion of research results among members, to diversify the ...
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I think that the use of probiotics is very important, but cannot stand for its own in Animal Health. This should be discussed in another forum. As far as I know, probiotics will not contribute directly to control FC, but will do improve general health.
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How to use probiotics in poultry?
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Uwalaka Chinomsoyes broilers do not require f.c. vaccination.
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Dear Vihang Patil, Thank you for your comments about our work and your queries regarding vaccination! I would like to say that in some parts of the world vaccines do not contain serovar B, simply because this serovar does not exist in this geographical areas. Regarding the expression standard strains, we should not include some standard strains that are used routinely used for serological classif ...
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