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Yosef Huberman
Poultry bacterial diseases
Video published on February 9, 2024
Yosef Huberman (CONICET-INTA) talks about pathogenicity in E. coli strains and how the approach in analysis has changed to genotyping and sequencing, in this Engormix interview during IPPE 2024 in Atlanta, USA.
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IntroductionFowl cholera is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Pasteurella multocida. This species is named “multocida”, which may be interpreted as a bacterium that "kills" (cida) "many" (multo). In 1879, Pasteur was able to cultivate this bacterium; this was the first time that disease-causing bacteria were grown in culture media, outside the animal host. Pasteur inadverte ...
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Dear Yusef Huberman Sir,thanks for your kind reply.
Participation in Forum on February 27, 2023
Dear Habib. The comments made by Dr. Kotaiah Talapaneni (11dic2021) are correct. Recuperated birds will have immunity if infected during rearing. You may vaccinate healthy birds. If antibiotics do not help, you should send samples for isolation of Avibacterium paragallinarum and have them make a sensibility test and select the correct antibiotic.Vaccination may boost immunization and protection.
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Dear Sir,Here I came to know that IC Vaccination of Laying bird is allowed if the bird mistakenly not done any Coryza Vaccination before production stage.Here in Bangladesh, I have a coryza Case treated with Sulfanamide with Erythromycin but after few days it is repeatedly happened. So i want to do inactivated vaccine for permanent immunization.
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Every one is talking about viral and bacterial diseases, or what they are seeing or are being told to look for, in reality, more that 90% of the problem begins with mycotoxins in feed, leading to immunosuppression, metabolic disturbance, co-morbidities, poor performance n increased mortality. If you want to control the problem, please solve the mycotoxins related problem first, then the viral n ba ...
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