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Dra.g.rao, In Argentina all strains involved in Fowl Cholera outbreaks, mostly in broiler breeders, so far have been always encapsulated. Capsules are easy to be detected by preparing very thin smears from fresh organ imprints extended together with a drop of Indian ink. Under microscope ghost images of white bacilli over black background indicates presence of capsulated isolates.
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If infectious coryza attacks a flock in early growing stage (say below 10 weeks) the treatment with antibiotics is enough. The disease spreads fast and the flock becomes immune for life. The flock does not require vaccination. Prompt treatment and biosecurity keeps the mortality under control. If the disease occurs on a multiage group farm for the first time where the vaccination was not being pra ...
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Dr Charles Ibe Yes,,, Thanks sir
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Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni IF IC may be better protection but 2nd booster 6-8 wks is better than 3 wks interval and better management is required , COMPLICATED Problem
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Taha Abdallah Altaibeh coryza is never seen on 17days broilers. recheck your diagnosis at this stage. that can be I.b
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Despite large attention on this disease, FC still remains a problem in the modern poultry industry. Virulence among isolates is highly variable. Encapsulated strains, are typically more invasive than strains that lack capsules. This accounts for increased virulence in the encapsulated organisms since they are better able to reproduce in the tissues and produce more toxin. Also, recent work sugges ...
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