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Stephen Adejoro Dr What is the pathognomonic lesions of fowl cholera? Thank you.
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Nestor Froyalde Miliary pin pointed necrotic areas in the liver in acute and per acute phase
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Dr Charles Ibe Many thanks Dr.
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It also a problem to infected with FC in my country(Iraq), but we used sulfa as a drug of choice for the treatment
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What's the best drugs to treat fowl cholera
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Dear Owodunni Olugemi: It is better to carry out sensitivity tests antibiograms. When this is not possible or the treatment is very urgent, in my experience, the best choice is oxi-tetracycline (Terramycin) administered according manufacturer’s instructions. Regards.
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FC is a very devastating diseases for Layers farm particularly in open side houses .once it attacked it is very difficult to remove from the farm . In acute attack mortality is high needs treatment via injectable form of medicine like gentamicin. Oxytetracyline , .for better control multiple strategies is needed including vaccination regularly.maintain proper bio security. Rodent control,water ma ...
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Narayan Banik I totally agree with your comments. Especially the control of rodents. Antibiotics treatments may vary according to the variation of resistance among P. multocida strains.
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Akintunde Akintoye thank you for your comments. You are so right! I amy add that breeders should be vaccinated, if possible, with the same strain during rearing. Introduction of new birds should be minimized during production.
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This disease is endemic on our breeder farm. One thing i discovered over time is that Pasteurella multocida tend to develop resistance to our choice antibiotics faster especially oral drugs while the injectables like Oxytetracycline reduce the morbidity and mortality by 60-75%. There is a sharp increase in mortality especially in the acute form and also mortality is high in open sided houses tha ...
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