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Roberto Ricagno, you bring up a very relevant point with the target weights. What I tend to see is that the smaller birds in your population suffer the most from insufficient access to feed (as a result of competition, energetic inefficiency, poor uniformity etc), while the larger birds in the population are less negatively affected. Our work on breeders in the 90's would have been on strains with ...
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Dr. Robert Renema, thank you very much for your comment. I totally agree with your initial assessment and even more, how well you, Dr. Robinson and other researchers at your University have published several times, in this stage of the photostimulus, we're doing an ovarian management where the feeding must be very tight and especially post photostimulation to avoid deaths associated with ovarian o ...
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Dra Pooja Gautam, excellent article and also your contribution on LED lights and CLF.Thanks for sharing.I would like to consult you for an observation exposed in it.I do not completely agree with the observation "A thumb rule with breeders is to ensure hens at least 2.1kg and 20 weeks of age before light stimulation", at least for certain genetic lines and for these last years and that is why I wa ...
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