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I fully agree that broiler vaccination with inactivated vaccines is not the preferred way. However, as you know at this stage we do not have any live H9N2 vaccine and our only option is to use the inactivated vaccine. The usage of the inactivated vaccine in broilers together with the selection of the right clade solved the issue of H9N2 in Israel. Still you need to take into account that early vac ...
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H9N2 continues to be a major problem in the middle east. The virus continues to change and we can already identify 3 different H9N2 groups in Israel. there is only partial cross protection between the viruses and producers are using 3 different H9N2 vaccines to protect their birds. Vaccination of Broilers with an inactivated vaccine is not very effective due to the very high maternal antibodies ...
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I agree with Dr Decanini Vaccination of broilers with maternal antibodies is not effective. Birds with MDA should be vaccinated when titre decrease to HI 3-4, otherwise the vaccine will not penetrate. I found it strange that a strain from 1998 is still protective. in all the work done in Israel it was clearly demonstrated that the 2001 isolate used in the first H9 vaccine had to be replaced af ...
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H9N2 strains are endemic in the Middle East with new claids developing every 3-4 years. The new H5N8 introduction to the region is very new and not sure we can predict any interactions between the two.
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What are the characteristic of the H9N2 that is used in the vaccine. Where and when was the virus isolated ND to which genetic flair it belongs?Thanks.
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Great review and discussion, Interesting to see that the prevalence of Serovar C3 is increasing. C3 is very pathogenic and damages and production losses are very high compared to C2 , B, and A Serovars. Israel, Russia, Ukraine and South Africa, are using commercial C3 vaccines which also cross protect with Serovar C2. The disease is under control if vaccination program is implemented prop ...
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