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Dr. Jignesh Barot
M. V. Sc. (Avian Diseases)
(1) Technical guidance to poultry farmers including Breeders, hatcheries (2) Disease diagnosis by PM and laboratory tests (3) Designing vaccination schedule
M. V. Sc. (Avian Diseases)
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One of the biggest complaints surrounding the poultry houses is the smell of manure. The ammonia concentration in poultry houses not only contributes to the smell but can be harmful for both the birds and the workers who frequent the barn. This article is about how ammonia gas is formed, its impact on the birds and how to control ammonia levels in poultry houses.Ammonia emission in poultry housesA ...
Participation in Forum on September 7, 2022
If the flock is superinfected with bacterial infections, highly sensitive bactericidal antibiotics can be used with properly weighed dosing, frequency for effective time periods, with supportive/supplementary medicines,to reduce the daily and cumulative mortality percentage. Thanks Expecting query....
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If one really wants to do a professional approach about prolapse - it needs to start already in rearing and overall management of the flocks. To pick up just one aspect, will never give a real success.
Participation in Forum on March 11, 2021
Aripin Drh , Most of the time it is normal.
Participation in Forum on January 28, 2021
Chris Morrow , Good discussion on Immune response to Mycoplasma. Would anyone be able to say which immune response is more reliable and consistent--'HUMORAL/CELL-MEDIATED/COMPETITIVE EXCLUSION--- in response to either vaccination or field challenge ? If it is Humoral, how long will it be protective after single exposure of Live MG(Vaccine/Field) or Killed MG antigen? Dr. Jignesh Barot (AVIAN D ...
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Prolapse could be triggered by various factors which some of our learned panelists have so clearly indicated.I would only add to these by pointing out a few more. One of them is Vent Gleet or infection of the cloaca which can develop into Prolapse- this happens in isolated cases and not in the form of a flock problem as is the case here. What I have seen being more critical is that certain good br ...
Participation in Forum on September 26, 2020
Kindly discuss the case with me on my e-mail id Dr. Jignesh Barot
Participation in Forum on September 25, 2020
Hi, Kindly mention following to understand the question properly. 1. Complete vaccination Schedule(age/dose/route) followed so far 2. Production 3. Age at titer estimation 4. Test report 5. ELISA kit make
Participation in Forum on September 11, 2020
Thank you for detailed information on FC. Especially you explained well on conventional isolation and identification of FC bacteria. To avoid contaminants when using "Columbia agar', the sample of choice should be femur bone-marrow which, I think, contains only FC bacteria (in FC positive case).
Participation in Forum on September 11, 2020
Thanks you for revision and update on such a sturdy/hardy virus. Up to what extent is it true that the CIAV will not be vertically transmitted to the off-springs if their parents contain optimum level of antibodies against the same virus?
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