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Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov Dear Dr. Fiodor, Fill the pipes with 2% Citric acid (PVC pipes) and leave it over night and flush it with fresh water. When filling, allow the citric acid solution to run through the entire watering system. This gives a fair flushing of biofilm as well as the deposit of calcium and magnesium carbonate.
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Dear. ..When we study the main causes of deaths during Gumboro disease we found that not nephritis nor bleeding time is the main causes of deaths we found excessive amount of interluken and other immunological reaction is the main cause of deaths so shivering and viremia is the main symptoms in diseases folled by colder sense of chick and when use antihistamines in treating chichi it's a ...
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Thank you for sharing this article it is full of practical knowledge
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The IB Variant disease had been found in my country some ten years ago. I had diagnosed it as NEPHRITIC IB. It was confirmed by the Weybridge Laboratory. At that time, I did not want to introduce the IB VARIANT vaccines. The vaccine IB MA 5 had controlled the disease a bit. But in outbreaks, the mortality was very high in broilers. The litter became muddy. Severe diarrhoea. Nowadays, we are using ...
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It's quite late to comment. Looking at history predict choline deficient and high energy diet. I can share my experience with you. Providing Choline chloride supplementation (with balanced diet in-fact) Can check the mortality in 3 to 5 days. If possible give CC through water for 5 days. To achieve less feed intake these days high energy diet has become common in commercial feed.
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After carefully looking at the given photo, please note: 1. The liver appearance and fragility more relate to autolysis rather than any disease. 2. The black colour of the intestines further supports putrefactive change rather than indicative of any disease. Please study more cases in the same flock to declare it "EXTREMELY FRAGILE LIVER".
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Chicks are still in the HatcherMother hen does not exist in modern poultry business.  Mother hen under her ‘brood’ keeps her babies away from extreme weather conditions and from predators. She is conveniently replaced by equipment for source of warmth, shelter, ventilation, light all provided artificially by men or women of wisdom! The baby chicks are confined to a specific area. ...
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