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Multi-strain infection by infectious bronchitis variant viruses in broiler and breeder flocks in Latin America

Published: December 7, 2016
Introduction Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) causes a highly contagious respiratory tract disease in chickens, Infectious Bronchitis (IB), and some strains are nephropathogenic.  It is possibly the most economically important viral respiratory disease of chickens in regions where there is no highly pathogenic avian influenza virus or velogenic Newcastle disease (vND) virus and is found ...
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Luiz Sesti
Ceva Animal Health
Dr. Sjaak de Wit
Poultry Veterinary Study Group of de EU (PVSGEU)
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Hatim Hamdan
14 de diciembre de 2016
Thanks for this interesting study, to find isolations from Yemen and China in Latin America, looking for updates how such a problem of IB can be solve.
15 de diciembre de 2016
Very good, interesting and informative study about the multi-strain infection of IB.
Ismet Mamode
Food & Allied Group of Companies
19 de diciembre de 2016
The IB Variant disease had been found in my country some ten years ago. I had diagnosed it as NEPHRITIC IB. It was confirmed by the Weybridge Laboratory. At that time, I did not want to introduce the IB VARIANT vaccines. The vaccine IB MA 5 had controlled the disease a bit. But in outbreaks, the mortality was very high in broilers. The litter became muddy. Severe diarrhoea. Nowadays, we are using the TWO vaccines, namely, the IB VARIANT 4 / 91 from Intervet and the IBIRD from CEVA. The day old chicks are being vaccinated at the Hatchery by coarse spray. The vaccinated flocks are well protected.
22 de noviembre de 2019

RTI in broilers, layers and breeders quite common.
But isolation and characterization of virus in needed. But presently poultry consultant tackle the problem.

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