Munawar Ali
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Formulating and producing 30000 mt poultry feed. 2. Managing Broiler breeders farms.
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Discussion created on August 18, 2022
It is very important to have good uniformity in broilers to maximize the performance. Variation in their body weights causes lot of complications and problems. If the flock is not uniform, it will take longer time to grow and many rejections at slaughter house. Different type of enteric and other diseases can easily disturb the flock resulting in severe economic losses. FCR is badly affected by un ...
Participation in Forum on February 27, 2021
Dear Dr Sandro Thanks for your practical comments. I have another question When we switch from Ration 1 to Ration 2 generally production drops. Can you guide please
Participation in Forum on February 27, 2021
Dear Dr Sandro What are your comments about Aviagen recommendation of Broiler Broiler Breeder Ration 1 upto 36 and Ration 2 upto 50 weeks and Ration 3 after 50 weeks. Best Regards Munawar
Discussion created on November 17, 2020
In commercial layer cage houses, during tunnel ventilation the air velocity is very high in corridors at front and back of the cages but it is very low inside cages where birds are present. During summer, birds are not comfortable due to very low air velocity; there is a very low "WIND CHILL EFFECT". What is the method to get required air velocity inside cages to get maximum wind chill?
Discussion created on January 15, 2018
On a Broiler Breeder farm it becomes very difficult to keep the birds comfortable with "Evaporative Cooling System" when HUMIDITY levels are very high. Do you have any suggestion?
Discussion created on August 18, 2016
There are many International premix manufacturing companies for broiler feeds. Generally the quantities of vitamins are very low in their premixes if we compare them with requirements given by breeding companies in their Management guides. Please share your knowledge about this. What are requirements which are economical and optimizes performancesin modern broilers
Discussion created on March 21, 2016
What are minimum levels of vitamins required to achieve optimum performance in broilers. There are many different recommendations. Please share your experience.
Discussion created on January 14, 2016
In all kind of Poultry, if the birds are kept on floor, bedding material is used. It includes wood shaving, wheat straw and rice hulls etc etc.... In some countries like USA sterilized bedding material is available but most of the countries it is not available. In Pakistan mostly rice hulls are used as bedding material in poultry houses and it is severe threat for poultry if it is not disinfected ...
Participation in Forum on June 24, 2015
Dear readers.Ozone treatment of water for Poultry is cost effective, easy and environment friendly, but the major draw back is that it does not have residual disinfection quality. On spot it will disinfect water very fast, but after that when water goes through pipes in sheds it is recontaminated again by bio-film and other factors. This can be tested very easily by taking samples at Ozone treatme ...
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