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Timely article in the event of outbreak of Noval COVid-19 . People have spread rumors that chicken is spreading the infection. We need to educate poultry farmers and consumers as well
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Infectious bronchitis (IB) is an acute and highly contagious respiratory disease of chickens throughout the world, so much so that many consider IB to be the most contagious of all poultry diseases. It is characterized by respiratory signs that include gasping for breath, coughing, sneezing, tracheal rales (rattled breathing), and nasal discharge. Egg-laying birds, in addition to respiratory ...
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An excellent analysis of microbiota of gut health, I compliment the speaker.
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I appreciate this talk, because of good analysis to control infections in poultry
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Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt (University of Montreal) talked about biosecurity and the risk factors associated with infectious diseases, during the Latin American Poultry Congress in Lima, Peru.
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Now our poultry entrepreneurs know the source of chicks and their history . if they see vertically transmitted disease like Mycoplasma /CRD certainly reflect at the age of 4-5 weeks . They start treatment from day old. as per schedule given by Integrators
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Our farmers are as well informed as any farmer of the worldThey even diagnose the condition and treat them accordingly, besides supervision from integrators.
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In my opinion, you have to ascertain the local strains of IB prevailing in your area before taking up of Vaccination against IB . of course E.Coli is the main secondary complication for IB secondly using live vaccines against ND. And Mycoplasma also play similar to E.coli as secondary complicator.Treat the birds suitably for Mycoplasma with Tilmycosinand for E.Col Bacteriophage treatment and kille ...
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We need to differentiate between prolapse and pullouts.The prolapse is common in early matured birds with more body weights. I concur with the opinion of Dr. Robert Huggins, nutrition plays a main role in the conformation of body weights. Secondly, the egg size: the rupture takes place in pushing large or double yolked eggs.Thirdly, it is common in cage laying units, Where the idle bird pulls or d ...
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It is a good article and control of CRD in poultry is a Challenge? I like it Prof. R.N.S.Gowda
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