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Participation in Forum on June 24, 2016
Dear Dr. Nati Elkin, Thank you for your opinion. It seems like in your country usage of antibiotics in layer hens have more restrictions than in Latin America. In Argentina veterinarians use lots of antibiotics for avian treatment, they also ask for antibiograms and in many cases, while they are waiting for the laboratory results, they chose to use some antibiotics just to see if it works approp ...
Article published the June 23, 2016
IntroductionInfectious Coryza is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by Avibacterium paragallinarum (formerly called Haemophilus paragallinarum). It often affects the upper respiratory tract of chickens (Gallus gallus) but has been also described in quails and parrots. Birds of all ages are susceptible. The disease is well known in laying hens although often goes unnoticed in subclinicall ...
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