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Chris Morrow appreciate your help Actualy we use tylosin or tylmicosin..
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Why we face some high positive ms titer while it was negative for Mg without affecting the performance.. We use monthly prevention drug program. Thanks Dr. Chris
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I am a commercial layer farmer , I tried all biosecurity and vaccination however i have not managed to come with good results. At my farm i do vaccinations and still end up with the problem. what am doing now is only biosecurity with treatment. this is very expensive and makes the enterprise very uneconomical.
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Despite successful Salmonella control measures implemented in food-animal production, salmonellosis remains one of the most frequently occurring food-borne zoonoses worldwide, with poultry and poultry products as the main transmission vector. In general, about 65% of the animals belonging to a flock are identified as asymptomatic carriers and are colonized by Salmonella spp. Serotypes colonizing ...
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Thanks Melina Aparecida Bonato
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Melina Aparecida Bonato Thank you Melina but can you provide me with more information about the salmonella /Ecoli fambiria agglutinate.
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Hiren Pancholi , Thank you for your question. MOS is an indigestible carbohydrate complexed with the Beta-glucans on the yeast cell wall. MOS will agglutinate only bacteria that possess fimbria (like several types of Salmonella and E. coli) and because of it, indirectly modulates the gut microbiota. The Beta-glucans will immunomodulate the innate immune system responses, enhancing the immune sta ...
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Zahed Abbasi,thank you for your comment. In this research that I comment on in the video, it was identified and quantified the majors' bacterial phyla in the gut microbiota and how it changes when we have a challenge with SE and then the supplementation of ImmunoWall (MOS and BG). We know that MOS will agglutinate these gram-negative bacteria that possess Fimbria (like Salmonella and E. coli) so, ...
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Hi Melina : Today we are facing a kind of enteritis that be named dysbiosis or dysbacteriosis it will happen when the balance of microbiota of intestine will disrupt and the gram negative bacteria will prevail and form majority of intestinal bacteria, integrity of intestine not works and there be diarrhea , reduced production and mortality increased. Betaglocan and MOS can prevent Dysbiosis? Or c ...
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INTRODUCTION Chicken infectious bronchitis is a worldwide infectious disease affecting different poultry sectors. It was first described in 1931 in young chickens in the United States (Butcher et al., 2002). It is caused by several serotypes of Coronavirus (IBV) which are variably distributed. Some emerging variants spread from country or primary foyer where they are isolated to another (Rafiei e ...
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