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Wijaya Saputra Very strict bio-security measures should be implemented to control mycoplasmas
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How to disgnose IBH disease How to Isolate the Virus Thanks
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DR.R.N.Sreenivas Gowda Hello Dr. Srinivas, If CAV antibody found in parent and is mixed with vaccine virus and field virus, can these antibody protect its progeny?
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Charles Hofacre (Southern Poultry Research) discussed the reduction of Salmonella on broilers going to the processing plant and gave additional recommendations, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
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PSA interviewed Ken Macklin (Auburn University) to hear his insights regarding the COVID-19 pandemic's effects on the poultry industry and biosecurity measures in place. Let's Squawk About It is a monthly interview segment by the Poultry Science Association.
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Mark Lyte (Iowa State University) discussed microbial communities and the role of nutrition, during AMENA 2019 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
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Maarten De Gussem (Vetworks) talked about the lessons learned in Europe by using free range production, during APA Egg Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Wilmer Pacheco (Auburn University) talked about reduction of incidence of proventriculitis as one of the positive results of this trial, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Is there any confirmatory test for detection of S. Pullorum apart from the Rapid Plate Screening ?
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Thanking to you for above topic which is very interested because we are facing a problem of prolapse among our flock which is layer breeder. The question is what is recommended quantity of saya peptide should be added per ton feed. & is 35 days are enough for adding soya peptide.
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