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2022 PSA Annual Meeting
Video published on May 6, 2022
At Novus, we pride ourselves in thinking about the Earth and sustainability every day. We have the ability to make a difference, but that can only happen when we all work together.
Article published the April 8, 2022
The importance of vitamin nutrition in poultry feeding has been recognized for decades, yet precise vitamin requirements for modern, high producing have not been investigated. Because of their low inclusion rates, vitamins have a relatively small impact on the cost of feed. Many vitamins lose activity over time or under high-temperature feed processing. Vitamins, especially the water-soluble vitam ...
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Article published the October 19, 2021
I. INTRODUCTIONCommercial laying hens have been successfully selected for increasing production cycle lengths. Rather than being depopulated at 60 to 70 weeks of age, or being moulted to allow for additional production cycles, the egg industry has moved towards cycle lengths of 80 weeks or even longer. Selection for increased persistency of production and livability, skeletal health, and a slow ra ...
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Hello George: We fed 1/3 small particle and 2/3 large particle across all treatments.
Article published the August 26, 2021
IntroductionThe immune system of poultry is typically divided into innate responses and adaptive responses, and reviews of the avian immune system can be found elsewhere (Korver, 2012; Kogut, et al., 2020). Briefly, the innate response includes non-specific mechanisms of exclusion such as the skin and mucosal surfaces of the digestive tract, lungs and other organ systems with exposu ...
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Article published the August 24, 2021
INTRODUCTIONPhytase is commonly supplemented in laying hen diets to increase the bioavailability of P and Ca. Dietary phytase supplementation increases Ca and P digestibility (Beutler, 2009), egg production, BW, eggshell quality, and bone quality in egg-laying hens (Hughes et al., 2009; Pelicia et al., 2009) and increases blood myo-inositol concentration in broilers (Sommerfeld et al., 2018).The e ...
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Virtual 2021 PSA Annual Meeting
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Virtual 2021 PSA Annual Meeting
News published on June 16, 2021
CHAMPAIGN, Ill., June 16, 2021 – The Poultry Science Association is pleased to recognize this year’s award recipients. One of the highest achievements that PSA honors is the award of PSA Fellow. The distinction of Fellow is the highest award bestowed by the Poultry Science Association and is granted for professional contributions to the field of poultry science and service to the Ass ...
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