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Dr. Megharaja Manangi, senior research scientist at Novus International, discussed how producers can improve feed durability and cut costs through post-pellet fat application during the annual International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) at IPPE 2019.
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Md. Shahid Khaza Hassan, Managing Director at Projukti Global Limited in Bangladesh, Distributor of E.S.E. INTEC, talks about the different projects in this country and the future of feed mill in Bangladesh, during VIV Asia 2019
Participation in Forum on June 3, 2019
Really very very informative publication.
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The weather constitutes a complex system, which acts upon the bird & exert various detrimental effects on neuroendocrine, cardiorespiratory system. Rearing birds out of their thermal comfort zone could mean failing to leverage full genetic potential. Poultry production in the tropical and subtropical regions having biggest environmental challenge is heat stress which could reduce productivity ...
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Md. Abdullah Ansari In laying hens it will definitely help to control egg quality, fatty liver syndrome and abdominal fat. Trials are going on in field conditions. We will be able to give a data-based answer soon.
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For amelioration of aflatoxicosis in poultry, I conducted a decade long research based on which two mycotoxin binders namely Mycodetox B1 and Mycodetox B2 were formulated. These were included in the aflatoxin contaminated feed @ 145 and 132g per quintal, respectively and tested in Chicken, quails and turkeys. Both the binders were equally efficaceous in ameliorating aflatoxicosis. The ingredient c ...
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Dear Dr. Ram Singh Bibyan , I agree that choline (natural or synthetic) has liver protective properties, however in case of diagnosed mycotoxicosis I would rather go for more complex solutions, I am afraid choline alone will not solve the severe problem.
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Dr. Greg Mathis (Southern Poultry Research) talks about the two main diseases in poultry and explains how to control them, during the 5th IHSIG Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Sophie Byron (Platts) explained the process of price assessments, during the 22nd Annual Distillers Grains Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa.
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Dear Dr HussamA;salam AlikomThank you for the great efforts you are doing to help poultry producers controlling viral outbreaks especially in Broilers. From my experience in broiler production, the main problem in these farms is the multiage production system. with this system, the only solution to stop the outbreaks is by breaking the cycle of infection through full evacuation of each unit and fu ...
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