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Satish Sharma Hi Mike, Apologies for delay in reply. We have seen good results with Menaquinone inclusion at ppm levels in the feed. Will be delighted to work on your queries.
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Dear All,I have experienced usage of Vitamin K2 MK7 ( Menaquinone - analog of vitamin K ) along with Inorganic calcium improvising deposition of calcium on Bones. I understand that Menaquinone metabolizes efficient absorption of Calcium at the right places. An enriched formula containing Calcium, Phytase with Vitamin K2 M7 is a perfect recipe for bone health.
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Z.s.kafarna Dear Sir, In case you wish to buy Serratiopeptidase. please reach our to the undersign at regards, Satish
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MIC studies were established at Anthem to ensure the application science. We also understand that endotoxins are lipopolysaccharides released from dead gram negative bacteria like e Coli. Clostridium being gram +ve bacteria does not contribute to the endotoxin load. Combination of probiotics along with lysozyme will ensure gut health and check on Clostridium. This should have positive impact ev ...
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We believe strong anti-inflammatory enzymes like Lysozyme and potential alternate to antibiotics. Such anti-inflammatory enzymes has positive impact on building immunity , if being administered in the prophylactic way. Anthem Biosciences
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Dear Doug, Vitamins are indeed good and essential for building immunity and gut integrity. How do you see the new bioavailable formats ( analog / metabolite) of Vitamins like the folate ( Vit B9) , Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate ( Vit B6) , Menaquinone ( Vit K) etc. We believe in the times to come such bioavailable actives can be of good alternatives as performance actives.
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Dear Dr Gajanan,We have seen excellent improvement in the NE condition with Lysozyme and selected anti-oxidant therapy.will be delighted to discuss with you in person.
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We have experienced supplementation of Lysozyme along with Bacillus Subtilis to support NE control. We believe such supplementation along with Mannans will have very good synergistic efficacy. Anthem Biosciences
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Interesting topic. We at Anthem also had such experience with our Chirally and bioavailable form of vitamins.We have tried flagship products L methyl folate, Pyridoxal 5 phosphate, Menaquinone derivatives, etc., as part of feed composition as top addition in ppm quantities. We found exiting results in terms of growth, higher immunity and less mortality.We understand that such bioavailable forms of ...
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At Anthem, we have been evaluating efficacy of Polyphenols ( Green Tea extract and Resveratrol ) and for Lysozyme in specific towards Necrotic Enteritis control. We have been witnessing very effective results. Polyphenols with string anti oxidant property are quite effective in controlling infections and building immunity. infect combination of Polyphenol with Lysozyme / Serratiopeptidase has b ...
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