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Interesting topic. We at Anthem also had such experience with our Chirally and bioavailable form of vitamins.We have tried flagship products L methyl folate, Pyridoxal 5 phosphate, Menaquinone derivatives, etc., as part of feed composition as top addition in ppm quantities. We found exiting results in terms of growth, higher immunity and less mortality.We understand that such bioavailable forms of ...
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At Anthem, we have been evaluating efficacy of Polyphenols ( Green Tea extract and Resveratrol ) and for Lysozyme in specific towards Necrotic Enteritis control. We have been witnessing very effective results. Polyphenols with string anti oxidant property are quite effective in controlling infections and building immunity. infect combination of Polyphenol with Lysozyme / Serratiopeptidase has b ...
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Tanaji Valmik Lokare Dear Dr Tanaji, Taking the clue from the principle article from Dr Ellakany, We did conducted few studies with Serratiopetidase . Results were very encouraging in terms of improvement in CFCR and low mortality.
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Can Lysozyme be a good option too. We have been working on Lysozyme with our customers in Food and Poultry farming space and have been getting good reviews for similar application. Lysozyme has a broad spectrum efficacy towards gram negative and positive bacteria. More so being food grade preserving agent, it fits in to meat preservation too.
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Dear Dr Tanaji, Further to the information as observed in the article published by Dr Hamid et al. We did conducted few trials in broiler through he feed route and water route application. Results were very encouraging. We are now evaluating the outcome with few of re industry experts for their observation. Best regards, Satish
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Satish Sharma Dear Dr Hany, Good morning, Could you please share your coordinates to reach out to you. I can ask my agent at Egypt to reach out to you. Best regards, Satish
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Hany Ellakany Dear Dr Hany Thanks for your mail. I am available on Satish.s@ / +918066724000. We will be keen to collaborate with you for Serratiopeptidase. Regards Satish
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We at Anthem Biosciences ( ) manufacture Serratiopeptidase and sell for its usage in Human Nutrition / Health. We have been getting enquires for its possible usage in Veterinary usage also especially Poultry, Equine and companion animals. regards, Satish
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