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Enzyme preparations for ruminants are mainly marketed based on their capacity to degrade plant cell walls (cellulose and xylan) and are referred to as cellulases and xylanases (Morgavi et al., 2000a; McAllister et al., 2001). Effects of feed enzymes in forage diets Direct application of fibrolytic enzyme preparations to forage has been shown to improve Increase dry matter intake (DMI) Rate o ...
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This is an excellent topic and an area of major concern for most of the dairy farmers how to fed cattle in this phase so that an optimum performance from them will be targeted after parturation and the animal should get back to their normal physiological functions. The transition from late gestation to early lactation is regarded as one of the most challenging elements of the production cycle. It ...
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The transition from late gestation to early lactation is regarded as one of the most challenging elements of the production cycle. Perhaps the most important physiological change occurring during this period is the decrease in dry matter intake around parturition and the sudden increase in nutrients that cattle need for milk production. As a result of these remarkable changes, most of the infect ...
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The article gives a clean idea about the negative energy balance created in the transititon period. This negative energy, leads to postpartum complications like Retation of Placenta, Milk Fever & Ketosis. The body score at the time of parturation help us to overcome post partum problems even help animal in initial phase of lactation & attening peak performane. It also helps animal to concive dur ...
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Respected Dr Sharma, Thanks for giving the necessary information on mastitis. What I feel is that mastitis is a problem basically originate and differ from farm to farm. Management of mastitis can be done by proper nutrition and use of antioxidents and specfic usage of herds which improves immune system along with healing power of diseased udder. The major farm practices using higher antibiotics, ...
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Opinder Bawa Optivita/Vetco India Ludhiana I want to add that providing high energy & protein diets after parturation helps the animal to minimise the stress of calving as well as help the animal to initiate the lactation, helping the animal to attain peak at early time and better performance over the period in that cycle. Also use of copper, cobalt, zinc, iron and calcium with tri-choline ...
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