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The sensorial characteristics of feeds and the post ingestion consequences modulate the acceptance and intake of feeds. Do you want to find out more? Listen to our expert, Simon Eskinazi, Global Scientific & Technical Manager for Palatability
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For me, the particle size of raw materials is very important when producing pellets. Also, the pellet size is very important. So, I propose as follows. 1. The blending ratio must also be good. 2, the combination should also be good. (My suggestion is that the CV should be less than 4.) 3. The particle size should be less than 700 microns for all raw materials. For Grinding, a 2.4 mm screen for ...
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Hi Ewa. Thank you for your comments and you are correct. As feed prices increase, now would be an excellent time to look at those additives that increase efficiency, ingredient bioavailability or have a sparing effect on costly ingredients such as energy or protein sources.
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In the current raw material cost scenario a concept of feed efficiency is an interesting strategy. It is not only the cost of the feed formulae that matters but also how it will perform. The industry has a broad portfolio of additives focused on increasing bioavailability of fats, some aminoacids and proteins. Bioemulsifiers and aminoacids adjuvants can serve as interesting devices in this strateg ...
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Methionine has many metabolic roles, so it is not just protein in milk. In any case if you are interested in raising your milk protein you have to consider also the metabolizable Lysine, the rapport between metabolizable Lys and metabolizable Met and the quantity of metabolizable Lys & Met /Mcal ME.A rough guideline would be a % over total metabolizable protein of 6,8-7% Lys and 2.40-2,70% Met ...
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Hello sir Please share your product details for enhancing the palatability for dairy animal's. We are producers of animal feeds for dairy animal's in name of SOBTI INDUSTRIES. We can reach at
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Thanks for sharing this very nice and informative article regarding the requirement of trace minerals and their role in immunity of cows. Zinc, copper and manganese has understood well by Indian farmers but feeding selenium is still a challenge as overfeeding shows toxicity. It will be highly appreciated if any body canguides us regarding the right dosage of selenium in different phases of cow lac ...
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Ingredients for food and feed products perform many functions, but above all, they must serve as sources of essential nutrients.  Even though an ingredient may be used because it adds a certain color to a product, or because it helps to physically bind other ingredients together, food and feed products are ultimately vehicles for performance through nutrition. Nutrient quality is made up of t ...
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Thanks for your interest on this topic, Dr.P.S. Oberoi! In fact, yeast probiotic resistance during pelleting process is not only related to heat but also to other physical parameters such as humidity and compression-friction, which are all interacting together. That's why there is no exact answer to your question: each process is different and has to be evaluated individually.
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