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Introduction There have been a lot of discussions going on these days on waste management. There should always be an advanced and economical method for waste disposal concerned with livestock farm. Day by day advanced techniques are being developed for different agricultural operations. There are some important, economical, and efficient methods of manure and farm waste disposal. Carelessness reg ...
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Although potassium (K) is an essential nutrient for dairy cattle, increasingly high levels in forages have made cattle more susceptible to metabolic diseases such as grass tetany, udder edema and milk fever. Potassium requirements of ruminants vary depending on the class of animal. Feedlot cattle, range cattle and growing heifers require about 0.6% K in their diet. Cattle undergoing ...
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Preamble Live stock feeding has been progressed today to a conversion efficient technology from the ancient concept of converting non-edibles and low nutrient feed stuffs to good animal products like milk, meat and egg. Often it was noted that the ruminant livestock production is almost entirely dependent on feeds consisting of fodder and crop residues. These feeds are generally of poor quality, ...
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Imminent VFD regulations are anticipated to create challenging conditions for dairy producers. Yeast products are one of the many options that are being explored to overcome these challenges. There is a wide range of yeasts and yeast-derived products available but with varying efficacy. Refined Functional Carbohydrates (RFC™) derived from yeast act through a number of mechanisms to alleviate ...
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In the current context of the international dairy market, increasing milk production regarding quantity is no longer relevant due to low prices. Now more than ever, producing more milk fat and protein is a proven way to enhance herd profitability.  The best way to boost milk fat and protein is to promote rumen fermentation with a particular focus on fiber digestion. It is important to noti ...
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Dairy animals are considered as biological machines as they consume feed and use as a fuel to produce milk. There are certain changes in environment as well as animal physiology which create stress condition in animals. Stress may be considered as any thing that is applied to an animal from an outside source that has an effect on that animal's normal physiological activity. During stress, the perf ...
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Introduction Many factors influence the composition of milk, the major components of which are water, fat, protein, lactose and minerals. Nutrition or dietary influences readily alter fat concentration and milk protein concentration. Fat concentration is the most sensitive to dietary changes and can vary over a range of nearly 3.0 percentage units. Dietary manipulation results in milk protein c ...
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Apurva; I would like to share my previous experience in the use of both materials in Poultry Feed. Bentonite has been used in the past as an ingredient to agglutinate other ingredients in the formulation. This was used mainly in formulas difficult to pelletize having a certain quantities of by-products instead cereals. HSCAS later were introduced as an aflatoxin binder due to the high cationic i ...
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