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Phileo by Lesaffre
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Phileo by Lesaffre

Optimising pellet processing to boost pellet quality and profitability

Published: March 19, 2020
The production of pelleted feed is a complex and expensive activity. Optimising the manufacturing process is therefore important to maintain production profitability, making it necessary to collect all relevant data along the processing chain. It is also essential to understand the parameters that affect the pelleting process. Evaluation needs to address three key factors: pellet quality, a...
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Phileo by Lesaffre
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Kasame Trakullerswilai
Saha Farms
10 de noviembre de 2020

I think so if more fine particle, the broiler may eat imbalanced feed that risk for rickets at early age.

Dr. Steve Pollmann
DSP Consulting LLC
11 de enero de 2021
I struggle with the effect of particle size on pellet quality as shown in figure 1 showing only a 1% impact. I think it is much more dramatic that suggested for finishing pigs. Pre-grinding soybean meal has shown to improve pellet quality and digestibility. When comparing corn particle sizes from 300 to 1000 micron, pellet quality will be impaired with coarser particle sizes.
30 de marzo de 2021
For me, the particle size of raw materials is very important when producing pellets. Also, the pellet size is very important. So, I propose as follows. 1. The blending ratio must also be good. 2, the combination should also be good. (My suggestion is that the CV should be less than 4.) 3. The particle size should be less than 700 microns for all raw materials. For Grinding, a 2.4 mm screen for corn and a 2 mm screen for wheat. It is recommended to use a 3 mm screen for soy bean meal.) 4. The temperature at the conditioner or outlet must be above 85°C. (The filling rate is 50-70%. The retention time should be over 25 seconds for SINGLE CONDITIONER and over 35 seconds for DOUBLE CONDITIONER.) 5. Wouldn't the size of the pellet die be 4.8-5.0? 6. Wouldn't the dwell time for pellet die be 10-12 seconds? 7. Of course, the PDI must be 97 or higher. 8. RETURN FINE should be less than 2%. 9. When the bulk is shipped, PELLET FINE should be less than 1.5%. 10. When transferring from BULK CAR to BULK BIN on farm, PELLET FINE should be transferred below 0.5%. THANKS, CHOI
5 de abril de 2021
a good comment, Mr. Choi.
William Goh
1 de mayo de 2021

Personally, I feel feed millers and formulators should consider maximising their use of different liquid additives into mixers as much as possible which is long known to contribute to positive effects on PDI and pellet mill energy consumption. At the same time, optimizing the use of PPLA for heat sensitive liquid additives, such as enzyme, as well as Fats, and other palatable liquid additives. Liquid addition technology in feed manufacturing are so advanced, accurate, reliable and environmental friendly. The other parameters that affect pellet quality, efficiency can then be easier being focus and fine-tune in the pelleting production parameters process.

22 de junio de 2021

My suggestion is also highly recommended for post-pellet liquid application. However, when applying PPLA, DRUM COATER must be selected when selecting the coating machine. The reason is to reduce the generation of powder.
This is because other COATING MACHINE, PADDLE TYPE or RIBBON TYPE increases PELLET powder.


6 de septiembre de 2021
Another suggestion for PPLA is: 1) The DRUM COATER of the feed zone packaging system should be installed directly above the SURGE HOPPER of the packaging machine. 2) The bulk loading area should be installed under the bulk bin. The reason is to reduce the generation of pellet powder. And to get rid of pollution. THANKS, CHOI
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