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1. IntroductionVirgin olive oil is an essential component of the traditional Mediterranean diet. Its quality is known to be influenced by a number of factors, including plant variety, environmental conditions, agronomic and harvesting practices and technological processes [1,2].The International Olive Council (IOC) [3] and the European Union (EU) [4] have established standards that can be applied ...
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Ingredients come to the feed processor from a variety of sources. Many of these, particularly the coarse cereal grains, require some degree of processing before they are ready to be blended into an animal ration. The process of particle size reduction improves ingredient performance during mixing and, in most cases, the nutritive value of an ingredient can be improved or more nearly realized.There ...
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Automated systems for the production of food for animal and human consumption are in wide use today. These systems have enabled manufacturers to increase production and decrease both labor and variation. These systems work well for the addition of major, minor and micro- ingredients. Since micro-ingredients can be more demanding, this chapter will concentrate on inclusion of these ingredients. Thi ...
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Trypsin inhibitors (TI) and urease activity (UA) are the two most relevant quality measurements for soybean products as feed ingredients for animals. TI were reported to be correlated with UA, so feed processing plants use UA as an indicator of TI in soybean meal (SBM). The objectives of this study were to determine the levels of TI and UA in 414 SBM samples from 19 different countries in 5 world ...
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Introduction A common human propensity is to regard all microorganisms as “harmful”, in particular, equating bacteria to pathogenic germs. Nothing could be further from the truth. The number of beneficial bacterial species far exceeds the number of pathogenic species and many of the known bacteria are in fact useful or even indispensable for the continued existence of life on Earth. ...
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