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I think so if more fine particle, the broiler may eat imbalanced feed that risk for rickets at early age.
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The production of pelleted feed is a complex and expensive activity. Optimising the manufacturing process is therefore important to maintain production profitability, making it necessary to collect all relevant data along the processing chain. It is also essential to understand the parameters that affect the pelleting process. Evaluation needs to address three key factors: pellet quality, animal ...
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IB Vaccine easier destroy than ND if you prolong dw route
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Many factors make IB to low titer than ND:1 IB is weaker than ND, so IB is destroyed during DW.2. High MDA of IB 3 Laboratory test factors on antigen that you use to check IB and poor vaccinating tech.
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Longer starvation making poor performance and not animal welfare, so if long distance, you can give some energizer at hatchery.
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if you open the intestine that could be better suggestion , many factors can produce this sign. make a better environment ,level chlorine in water,feed factors and checking protozoa ,virus and bacterial factors
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mixed with some neutralizer may be better and cool water be used, or individual vaccinate
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in my opinion multifactors but at first 2 wks mostly be nutritional problem
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Enteritis is more involve to immunosuppressive agent both intrinsic and extrinsic agent, so maybe complex causative or multiple causes/factors.
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I think so esp in winter time
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