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Kasame Trakullerswilai
Bacheler of Veterinary Medicine
Poultry specialist for vertical chicken meat production and Hygienic control and pathogens control for food safety
Bacheler of Veterinary Medicine
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Prof. dr. F. Van Immerseel, speaks about how poultry producers can improve gut barrier, microbiota, and birds’ resilience
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How to reduce wooden breast by your concept?
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Poultry ImmunityThe poultry immune system is in many ways the “standard” vertebrate immune system, which is what makes it such a good model for immune research, though there are several key differences when compared to other agricultural species. Indeed, much of our fundamental understanding of immunology has come from the study of poultry, specifically chickens. Discove ...
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many factors may concern for diff dx ; age ,climate ,mortality,coccidiostat or vaccine used,
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When a customer complains that the treatment against necrotic enteritis is not effective, we make an analysis of the feces and often we find out that the birds have subclinical coccidiosis. Once the coccidiosis is treated, the problem goes away in a few days. It is very important to understand the link between these two diseases.
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Enteric diseases are one of the most important problems in the poultry industry because of high economic losses. In recent years, due to increasing resistance to antibiotics and coccidiostats, together with the ban of antibiotic growth promoters, necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis emerged as the most worrisome digestive diseases in the poultry industry.The two diseases are closely related and some ...
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Maria Soriano thanks
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Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni IF IC may be better protection but 2nd booster 6-8 wks is better than 3 wks interval and better management is required , COMPLICATED Problem
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Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni investigation for preparing of next flock thanks
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Kasame TrakullerswilaiWe never saw Infectious Coryza in birds below 7weeks of age.Only symptoms are enough to differentiate Coryza from Other diseasesND and AI. The mortality is very high. AI finished the flock in less than a weeks time and ND also caused heavy mortality. There is no time for the nasal secretions and swollen heads as we see in Coryza.The morbidity is high in coryza and mortality i ...
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