Dave Albin
VP, Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies
Establishing and improving basic quality management systems for feed and food production; practical nutrition and diet formulation advice for a variety of species
VP, Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies
Article published the August 10, 2022
The ExPress® process, using equipment and know-how from Insta-Pro International, is unique; but why does this matter?  First, it does not involve the use of chemicals, like solvents (such as hexane), to extract essentially all the oil from soybeans making it sustainable and a scalable alternative to hexane. Also, it’s a friction-based cooking process that uses high temperature ...
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Article published the July 5, 2022
As part of our continued efforts to fully understand and optimize processing with our equipment, often used to make better versions (like ExPress® soy meal) of commodity ingredients, we completed a feeding study with layers at Virginia Tech. Feeding studies with layers are challenging because of the extended length of observation. Indeed, a typical flock of laying hens matures from the pu ...
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Video published on June 16, 2022
Dave Albin - Vice President, Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies - Insta-Pro International, explains the goal of a feeding study to determine how the use of high-shear dry extrusion with ExPress® soya flour affected the growth of Ross broilers.
Participation in Forum on March 29, 2022
Good comments. It's true that enzymes have to formulated properly and have a matrix to work on. If you are using better ingredients, enzymes may not be necessary anymore. Make sure you know why each ingredient is in your formulation.
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Such an important topic as it relates to efficiency and excretion of nutrients that become pollutants.
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Thank you for this article. A couple of issues must be raised, however. First, the correlations of urease activity and TI, measured as mg/g, may not be appropriate. Urease activity is a measure enzyme activity by assessing a rise in pH, while TI, in this case, is assessing the absolute amount of TI remaining in the meal. So, it's perhaps not surprising that a measurement of enzyme activity and ...
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Carlos López Tomé Along these lines, would this better utilization of fatty acids in the liver result in a meaningful increase in energy usage of dietary fats and oils? I also understand that the myriad biochemical reactions of the liver would likely proceed better without fatty liver.
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Ewa SujkaThank you very much. I would appreciate reprints or other information on this subject. In particular, the data in Table 1 and the data related to the histology are of interest.
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As mentioned here, the relative value of choline in mechanically-extracted oilseed meals should be determined. In particular, this is important when extrusion is used before pressing in order to more-fully liberate the lecithin (choline containing) from the seed.
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Good information. As always, the effects of preconditioning cannot really be divorced entirely from extrusion, which finishes the cooking process. And, ultimately, how all of this affects the end material is what matters.
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