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Cutter head for extruder machinery. Dave Albin (Insta-Pro International)

Published: April 28, 2015
Cutter head for extruder machinery. Dave Albin (Insta-Pro International)
Dave Albin, Applied Nutrition Technologist at Insta-Pro International, presents the shaped feeds and food cutter head which allows feed manufacturers to make different sizes of fish feed and pet food.
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Dave Albin
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Mahmood Hafez Amir
31 de julio de 2021
Yes indeed. I bought a sophisticated head @11000 used n was using it n was fully satisfied with the cutting n shapes. Please can you send me an exploded view of how to mount the cutter head on the barrel arrangement to refresh my memory. ( I retired 4 year back n I've lost contact with Instapro 2000 ??????). Meaders Feeds has called me back. Your help much appreciated to get me on track. ?? Thanks n Regards Mahmood Hafez Amir Cell / Whatsapp is +230 58487992. Email : mahmoodamir210@gmail.com
Mahmood Hafez Amir
30 de julio de 2021
Hello. I was responsible to put up n run Instapro 2000 to produce gog n primate feeds @ Meaders Feeds in Mauritius. The operation went well. I retired four years back. Now I've been called back to put the operation back on track for resuming normal production. I need to discuss with you so that I can install the updated versions of the Extruder assembly such as barrels, flights, steam locks spacers, compression chambers, cutter etc.. I will be making an audit with photos n videos to share n seek some advices n help from you. Grateful if you can assist me technically in this matter. Thanks n Regards. Mahmood Hafez Amir Meaders Feeds Ltd. +230 58487992 Cell/Whatsapp mahmoodamir210@gmail.com
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