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INSTA-PRO International Based in Grimes, Iowa, Insta-Pro International develops industry-leading equipment for producing  chemical-free livestock and poultry feeds, vegetable oils and soy food products. We partner with university and independent researchers to optimize nutritional value for...
Article published the August 22, 2022
ExPress® soybean meal processed from raw soybeans is a novel feed ingredient in many parts of the world. Nutritionists know they need soybean meal, but solvent-extracted meal is often the only product available.Little by little, Insta-Pro is providing revolutionary soybean technology that uses no chemicals and offers higher amino acid (AA) digestibility and higher energy value than solvent mea ...
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First, may I politely ask you to give credit to Evonik and properly reference the fact that the "conventional" soya data you quote comes from our AminoDat 5.0 raw material database. Your amino acid values are IDENTICAL to those quoted in this data base and so reference should be noted. You give no data in your paper regarding number of samples in your survey. The AminoDat values are based on 1241 ...
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A key question needs to be addressed first : why would you use a raw material (solvent extracted soy flour) that has been processed with a known carcinogen (hexane) to make a food product that is widely eaten by vegetarians and non-vegetarians all over the world. There is a food revolution underway – it’s called organic and natural and clean label – and food manufacturers ignore it at their peril. ...
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Hi Themba,I will be at AVIANA poultry show in Lusaka April 4-5  and will be glad to explain how extrusion technology can transform cassava into a valuable feed ingredient. Visit me at Insta-Pro International stand C1.
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In the 1990s Dr Carl Parsons at the University of Illinois reviewed soybean meal quality control methods. He concluded that the urease test is useful for determining if soybean meal has been under-cooked, but cannot accurately detect if it has been over-processed. To check for over-processing, he suggested the KOH Solubility test. PDI (Protein Dispersibility Index) is another useful test, so long ...
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