Katie Mayo
Applied Nutrition Technologist, M Sc.
I'm a nutritionist with a company that sells mechanical equipment and technology to process feed and food. I am available to consult on nutritional data and diet formulations. Contact me today.
Applied Nutrition Technologist, M Sc.
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For several decades, Insta-Pro International has been well known around the world for dry extrusion, which we invented in the 1960’s.Dry extrusion was invented to process soybeans, and over the years, this process has been well researched. The advantages of this technique are the following:Thorough plant cell wall rupture, providing much improved access to nutrientsDeactivation of ...
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Mark Townsend Thank you. I am familiar with Dr. Lock's work but haven't seen this webinar yet. I appreciate your sharing.
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Katie Mayo Hello Kate, i believe this could be of interest to you. We are manufactures of an energy supplement that is totally palm free and we put strong emphasis on C18:1 https://hoards.com/article-26276-incorporating-supplemental-fatty-acids-in-dairy-rations.html
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In this industry, we talk about protein a lot. This is because it helps evaluate the value of an ingredient or diet. The type of protein we are talking about though is “crude protein”, which is a routine chemical measure that’s been around since the 1800’s.Of course, it’s been refined since then, but the chemical reaction is basically the same. Other predictive method ...
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As Martin Smith pointed out, digestibility of soybean meal is more a function of processing due to variance in the heating used for solvent removal. Unless the comparison is made between beans of the same variety grown in the same geographical region under similar soil types and processed under the same conditions, any comparison of conventional and organic soybeans is invalid. I wish some people ...
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First, may I politely ask you to give credit to Evonik and properly reference the fact that the "conventional" soya data you quote comes from our AminoDat 5.0 raw material database. Your amino acid values are IDENTICAL to those quoted in this data base and so reference should be noted. You give no data in your paper regarding number of samples in your survey. The AminoDat values are based on 1241 ...
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Thank you for painting a more complete picture of how fats should be fed to dairy - both from an economical and nutritional standpoint. I would also like to add to the argument, that the quality of the fat will play a large role in the cascade of effects during and after lactation. Feeding products that already contain a high-quality source of fat may suffice the metabolic requirements instead of ...
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Do you have the study reference regarding the feeding of linoleic FA to dairy to improve conception rates? It's results are discussed in the "Feeding Fat and Conception Rates" section. Much appreciated. Thank you for the great read.
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I guess you feel additives are better if you sell additives. I for one prefer to be sure the system is as it should be and then and only then additives if needed. Could be in this case as I do not know the system. At 55 kegs per hour doubt is very complex and also doubtful additives would assist. Who can tell for sure?
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There are many factors to discuss on extrusion of fish feeds and as an option chicken feeds. Floating need approx 20 % starch normally and enough shear and pressure in the extruder to achieve expansion. More shear and more pressure equals to greater floatability and pellet strength. Preconditioning prepares the material for the extruder and too much water, which can act like oil which reduces expa ...
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