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Advising on dairy management, meat production, fodder production, breed improvement, Mechanized silage Production and commercial hay production of different fodder crops
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Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan pl contact me on my whatsapp 923008497959 will love to share experiences
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Manget Ram Garg Very true Sir we ignore upcoming revenue from calf and make the dairy farming less profitable
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It is a very good piece of information. In the context of developing countries, I would like to emphasis that the quality of dry fodder/hay fed to young calves is not all that good, primarily due to non-availability and lack of awareness about the importance of good quality legume hay. As a result, milk producers in these countries end up achieving a growth rate in the range of 500-600 g per day, ...
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Thank you Melina. I will read further into this topic MPS
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Martin Smith,In this period, the mode of action will be pretty much similar to a monogastric. I mean, the greater impact will be on modulating the gut microbiota, by direct reducing the pathogens that possess fimbria (like Salmonella and E. coli) and strengthen the immune system responses (APC's cells present in the gut recognizing the Beta-glucans and modulating the innate immune system responses ...
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very important topic as this issue is always ignored the main focus remained on filling belly of the animals it will help farmers to b careful in future to get better results
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The sensorial characteristics of feeds and the post ingestion consequences modulate the acceptance and intake of feeds. Do you want to find out more? Listen to our expert, Simon Eskinazi, Global Scientific & Technical Manager for Palatability
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Instead habits feed them what in need to control functional and metabolic disorder right time
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While there is no data on this, it would most likely be best to deliver a second feeding (if feeding 2x/d) 12 hours later....and make sure feed is pushed up continually (ideally hourly) in between feed deliveries.
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Indeed it is thought provoking article and the author deserves congratulations
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