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thought provoking article regarding cow comfort
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very interesting and thought provoking observations
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very convincing article looks the writer has written the article based on his practical experience
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very comprehensive and thought provoking article
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MetAmino: from AA disbalance to AA balance! Step to "ideal protein" concept.
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Dear Isreal, Good that you bring this issue to the forum. I am getting so frustrated about people blaming the cow for global warming. A cow does not 'produce' CO2, it recyclels it. The CO2 exhaled by the cow is used by the grass to grow. Eaten again by the cow and used for her energy to produce milk and meat. You could say that grass is a 'natural solar panel'. It stores solar energy and makes it ...
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The climate issue has been in the headlines lately. This article was written in the week that begins in Glasgow, Scotland, the Climate Conference, with the participation of many world leaders announcing the intention to completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), by 2050. The global dairy industry is in this context and it is also in the headlines, ...
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Thank you
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