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Advising on dairy management, meat production, fodder production, breed improvement, Mechanized silage Production and commercial hay production of different fodder crops
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Very interesting issue that we can follow and make it applicable. Thank you so much for informative and fruitful vedio
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As we are moving towards higher production, both through increasing population of animals at our farms as well as increasing per head production efficiently, dairy farm handling must also be efficient. Therefore, I find this an excellent article full of all related information regarding modern dairy farm waste management.
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Dairy industry wastewater generally has fats, lactose, whey proteins, nutrients which lead play an important role to increase the biological oxygen demand of water. With milk components also wastewater contain detergents and sanitizing agents which are the result of cleaning process increase the concentration of chemical oxygen demand. Dairy effluent contains mostly organic waste therefore, biolog ...
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Introduction The very word behavior doesn’t comply with humans only, it is with animals too. Animals, as humans do, also have their typical feeding habits. They behave in different manner to different feeds. Ethology is the name given to the science that deals with animal behavior. Better understanding of Ethology helps us to make better and efficient feeding management which is an inevita ...
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Using alternate source of feeding from crops and trees residues is a great initiative to find cheaper sources of feeding and in return higher production from small ruminants. Hasan Goda has a credit to reconfirm the results which were found earlier by other scientists like him and draw attention of farmers towards such resources.
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Introduction According to the projected growth in global human population, by 2050 the world human population will reach 9.1 billion, 34 percent higher than current estimated 6.3 billion (FAO, 2015). Populations in the developing countries are growing so quickly that the arable lands and the available fresh water are unable to sustain their needs. In Egypt, about 95% of the land is desert, where ...
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Manure management is really the leading issue keeping in view the environmental effect if manure is managed properly further if manure is managed properly and its mechanism to use and handling is made easy it will prove as adding gold to your soils, which in return will increase the yield of crops, thus it is a very good initiative by The Yield Lab Institute.
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The Yield Lab Institute is pleased to announce the addition of a number of diverse advisors to the Manure Challenge, as well as a successful application cycle. The Manure Challenge—organized by Yield Lab Institute with guidance from World Wildlife Fund, Newtrient, and the Dairy Farmers of America—brings together the expertise of many eminent public, for profit, and non-for-profit lead ...
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A viable break through to save animals, as well as cutting cost of using acaricide.
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