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very impressive article for those who are facing the issue of heat stress in their herds
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Heat stress is considered one of the most influential factors in the profitability of dairy farms, especially in the hot regions of the world. In the conferences and publications that I have published over the years, I mainly dealt with the economic benefits that may arise from the proper installation and operation of the means to dissipate the heat generated by the cows. The purpose of this arti ...
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Thought provoking article required to b read many times to understand better. Thanks to the author
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such studies are always helpful to judge magnitude of the issue faced due to such crops both in human beings as well as in livestock
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The average level of total B-trichothecenes (1534 μg/kg) was the highest detected in the past five years and according to our risk assessment presents a medium risk to sensitive animals. Levels of ZEA, BZEA, HT2 and FB1 were low and present a low risk for the animal health and performance. Considering the mycotoxin levels detected and the likelihood of multiple mycotoxins (detected in 34% of ...
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Sir, nice article...Can you write another article on Feeding behaviour of farm animals?(not only Dairy)
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Dear Sir, very informative article, congratulations. Provide micro minerals requirements also as semen quality and quantity is affected by those.
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Yes I agree to other commentators that this is a field given little attention. The author has made a commendable effort in dealing with this issue. I would suggest to other authors, who read all these comments, to further elaborately write over the subject
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