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Advising on dairy management, meat production, fodder production, breed improvement, Mechanized silage Production and commercial hay production of different fodder crops
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1 Introduction Milk is one of the foods with a crucial nutritional composition for human health. Among the components of milk, fat has been associated with human diseases for years due to its high saturated fatty acid content (Palmquist, 2010). About 70% of the fatty acids in milk triacylglycerols are saturated, 25% are monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), and 5% are polyunsaturated fatty acids (P ...
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worth reading article
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Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan Yes, I'm counting on it
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The results are understandable as digestibility in moringa silage is higher than elephant grass
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Interesting. Please send me a spec sheet for the equipment. What is cost?
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Engormix.com has created a new tool so that our members can share their experiences using their own photo albums.  This will let them discuss about clinical cases, share ideas and innovative designs of facilities and clinical procedures.  Besides, each photograph will allow members to add comments in the box under them, thereby creating a technical discussion forum among colleagues wh ...
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As a Animal Nutritionist, the article contents very useful information about amino acids profile in different stuffs, it's necessary to know for formulating any good quality ration. Thanks to all authors
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In recent years, adjustments to the production costs in the dairy industry becomes crucial in light of current circumstances. There has been a continuous reduction in profit margins and increasing instability in this industry. Each stage in the production process requires maximum efficiency from both professional and economic points of view. The calf rearing stage is an integral part of the dairy ...
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Guillermo Pardo Pizarro hope we will remain in contact and continue to share our experiences
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