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1. DataThe dataset in this article describes the new water footprint for animal products in fifteen countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Fig. 1 presents the methodology for calculating the local and imported green, blue, and grey water footprint of animal products. Fig. 2 shows the weighted average water footprint (WF) of feed items disaggregated by source (local and imported fractions), ...
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Very interesting presentation and most useful. I would like to make one correction however that we started looking into least cost formulation in the 1960's and early 1970's and not 1990. We even started applying linear programming to least cost formulations as early as 1968 when a computer was the size of a room. Best regards
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In addition to what Professor Juarez said, that the addition of fat contributes to reduced heat production because it has a lower heat increment than protein or carbohydrates, the addition of fat increases the energy value of the other feed ingredients in the diet. It has also been shown that fat decreases the rate of food passage in the GI tract and thus increase nutrient utilization. Because of ...
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Very important information., But data needs to be continuously updated.
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I would like to refer my colleagues to an old article we published on this subject many years ago: Daghir, N.J. and I. Amirullah (1978) Dehydated poultry waste and urea as feed suplements in layer rations, Iran Jouranal of Agricultural Research, 6:91-97.
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I suggest you refer to my book "Poultry Production in Hot Climates" page 181, under Dried Poultry waste section. Nuhad Daghir
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