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Thought provoking article in pursuit of cow comfort for long term benefits in sustainable animal production.
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Introduction In India, current milk production is 163.7 million tones (DADF Annual Report, 2016-2017) Health and welfare of dairy animals is vital to ensure their longevity and long term productivity, to intensify the production, animal production systems are becoming highly mechanized. In recent years, efforts have been undertaken to improve welfare and overall-health of dairy cows by providing ...
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Mr. Amit Kumar Singh deserves congratulation for thinking out of box. His theory is worth for brain storming. Maximizing milk production has always been the concern and we have been discussing traditional methods and management to improve. Photo period is well proved and used in poultry production but at least I never practised and thought of using in animal production. His thought-provoking ...
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M. J. Saxena iIs sugar concentration in the herb treatments as well as in the control observed? Thank you.
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Dr. M.N.balakrishnan Nair Sir, May I know your product, its all three ingredients, their ratio, application, etc. Please oblige.
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Dr. M.N.balakrishnan Nair are you aware of any study done on economic loss created by mastitis in India (like FMD)? There are very many on incidence of sub clinical and clinical at macro level. At micro level, it is simple arithmetic.
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I fully agree with Rajeshwaran
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I still think that prevention is better than cure in the case of mastitis (sub-clinical or clinical)
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I am full of gratitude to the author for sharing.
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Many thanks to the author. Very useful article
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