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Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada 2022
Video published on December 1, 2021
In this conversation on the new NRC with two legends in the industry, they focus on macro minerals, trace minerals and vitamins, and also put a bow on the NRC series and wrap it up for our listeners.
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Ehsan The samples must be independent, not subsamples. So you sample forage, put it into a bag and then repeat entire process and put other sample into a bag and have lab analyze each bag
Article published the February 26, 2019
IntroductionHistorically, most nutritionists have given little consideration to the cost of vitamins A, D, and E. Cows needed them and even at high supplementation rates, cost per cow per day was reasonable. However, because of a fire at a chemical factory in late 2017, worldwide production of feed grade vitamin A has been reduced by more than 40%. Production of vitamin E has also been reduced bec ...
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Article published the September 28, 2017
IntroductionVitamins are organic compounds needed in minute amounts that are essential for life. A vitamin must be in the diet or be synthesized by microorganisms in the digestive system and then absorbed by the host animal. Currently there are 14 recognized vitamins of which four are fat-soluble and ten are water-soluble, but not all animals require all 14 vitamins (Table 1). When an animal absor ...
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Article published the August 31, 2017
As this is written (Winter, 2012) feed prices continue to hover around historic highs and although milk prices have risen they have not kept pace with the increases in feed costs. Feed costs are usually the largest single expense on a dairy farm and with well-above average feed costs, the feeding management and nutrition of the dairy herd must be scrutinized now more than ever. Expressing Fee ...
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Article published the June 2, 2017
IntroductionProper sampling of ration ingredients and submitting those samples for nutrient analysis to a good lab are essential components of diet formulation. The relative importance of sampling, analytical, and real variation on overall variation in nutrient composition data of ingredients has been discussed at previous conferences (Weiss et al., 2012; Weiss et al., 2014). Sampling variation wa ...
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Article published the January 1, 1900
ALLTECH 2003 CD: Selenium nutrition of dairy cows: comparing responses to organic and inorganic selenium forms Department of Animal Sciences, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, The Ohio State University, Wooster, Ohio, USA Introduction Research regarding the nutritional importance of selenium (Se) has changed markedly over the last 75 years. In the 1930s selenium was identified ...
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