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Jasmer Singh
Served in the univ. for 35 years and conducted extensive drug trials/research against different economically most important diseases of livestock and published in scientific periodicals of repute.
Participation in Forum on March 28, 2022
I do not understand what he is about to tell us. jasmer
Participation in Forum on March 3, 2022
Well continue this vague conversation and the best would be expected after a long wait...?
Participation in Forum on February 4, 2022
Monica Sometimes it does occur when the tight junctions in udder lacteals remain compromised and there is exchange of salts like Na, Cl, bicarbonate etc., due to which the taste becomes alkaline and salty. You may Give the cow 3-4 doses of citrate one table spoon (~10 gms) dissolved in a glass of water and drenched orally.
Participation in Forum on January 11, 2022
Red water or haemoglobinhrea are to be first of all differentiated as to be Hamaturia or haemoglobinurea. The treatment of both conditions is different.
Participation in Forum on January 11, 2022
Viswanatha Reddy From where to get opium safely for this purpose, , please tell me the source?
Participation in Forum on September 18, 2021
Dr Reddy,Is this the treatment for prolapse in cattle...? As NUXVOMICA and Bryonia ? Jasmer Singh
Participation in Forum on July 19, 2021
Hi Dr Sharma, I emphasize again that the production of milk in udder of cattle/buffalo or other related mammals is remarkably similar with few variations in milk composition in different species. Now herbal or external use of medications which have been claimed to cure mastitis you have mentioned are not 'digested'. However, use of 'Cocktails of Bacteriophages' for controlling mastitis has been me ...
Participation in Forum on June 23, 2021
Hi Dr Shah, You are right as laboratory grade TSC is very good. A dose of 30gms dissolved is normal tap water about 100 ml as a drench i. e., orally daily for 3-5 days or till recovery. The most important precaution is that TSC must be protected from oxidation i.e., as it is hygroscopic and absorb water from environment if kept in open state. Hence, Must be kept in glass bottles with lids. As oxid ...
Participation in Forum on June 13, 2021
Hi please everybody concerned in mastitis control (prevention/cure) should, first of all, try to know the basic etiology of this ailment. The treatment adopted in line with the cause would itself explain the outcome. Therefore, I request all the scientists/ veterinary practitioners (involved in mastitis control) to explain precisely the basic cause of mastitis in bovines and may be other animals. ...
Participation in Forum on June 7, 2021
Hi Janab Tahir Ji, The dosing of Trisodium citrate is 30 gms dissolved in about 50 ml of drinking water as a drench daily for 3-5 days or as the recovery is achieved. Any other information pl..! Regards Jasmer singh
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