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Re. Recent trends in mastitis management By Dr Sharma covers most commonly presumed causes with good management practices for the control of mastitis in bovines. Here we give the basic cause and radical treatment of this most economical and dreaded ailment of dairy industry perpetually inflicting all over the globe. Kundan Singh Dhillon and Jasmer Singh (Both retd. Professors from Pb. Agril. Univ ...
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Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy Dear, the condition of mastitis is varying from region to region, so you cannot say that the occurrence of SCM is not found in the field conditions.As per your statement, milk is an excellent medium for microbial growth and if one bacterium is present then it becomes millions. Now, Question is that if bacterias present in mammary tissues or milk, then how is it possible there ...
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The authors of this article appear to have overlooked our several articles on mastitis and more particularly that published in 'Engormix' a long time ago. First of all the most crucial aspect to control a disease is to know its etiology. So let us start a discussion on the etiology of' "Mastitis" and then think about its radical treatment. Jasmer Singh
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Hello Sir, Its a wonderful article.I found it very informative. I would love to go for Ayurvedic treatment in animals. Sir, I have one case here in India . So owner is also interested to go for Ayurvedic treatment rather than allopathy. Sir is there any way I can get your contact. Best Regards , Dr Inder Punjab India.
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Dear Dr Jasmer Singh I appreciate your understanding of the Mastitis with the western knowledge system I am requesting you to just read the understanding of mastitis by the Indian knowledge system One of the argument I propose is that we do not recognise that bacteria is the sole reason for mastitis and by killing the bacteria is the major method of curing mastitis. the combination we are usin ...
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