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Thank you for informative article.
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Thank you, Cedden. It has also long been the belief of some dog breeders that heat stroke is more common among white dog breeds. This is antidotal, however, and breeding many white dogs myself I cannot attest to this. It is a fact that with some breeds of dogs dermatitis is definitely seen much more regularly among white specimens of the breed than colored. This may be linked to the white colo ...
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White coated breeds can be more sensitive to sunstroke. In example, sunstroke sensitivity is more frequent in white coated Saanen goats. Moreover, white coated Holstein, even Simmental cows are not preferred by breeders because of their higher sensitivity to environmental factors and lower performance.
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Dear Mr. Cedden, I totally agree with you when it comes to tropical conditions with restricted possibilities to control deseases. My article is refered more to intensified farms with Europeran breeds located in warm regions, as for example my country Israel and your country Turkey are.
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Dear Mr. Flamenbaum, Thank you very much for your informative article. Decreased milk yield performance is more striking in Western Europe derived cattle breeds. It is worth to study closer the experience with Zebu or Shaival derived breeds in some countries located in tropical and sub-tropical zones such as Brazil and India. Besides, disease and parasite resistance become important in hot peri ...
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Dear Mr Jasmer, Thank you very much for your kind advices about trisodium citrate use in dairy cattle. It will be more informative to measure pH in the milk then we are in a position to do it. However, I have no any idea about estimating citrate content in the milk. If you know any simple method to do it, it will be very helpful. But we will do regularly analysis milk protein, fat and total dry m ...
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We will conduct an application with tri-sodium citrate in dairy cows of our farm. I will share the results soon. Any other advises other than above will be welcome... thank you.
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Thank you very much for this useful information about water for dairy cattle. It is very important to analyse water quality of the area before investing in cattle production .
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Thank you very much for this information which is very interesting and new approach in order to treat mastitis. Should you please tell me if you have some opinion to use three sodium citrate for treating sub clinical mastitis? Another point , if it is possible to use sodium citrate by infusing in the udder of cow?
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Thank you very much for your article about heat stress in dairy cows. Do you have any reports of some recent research work on feeding for improving fertility under hot climatic conditions.
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