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In my opinion, lactating dairy cows don't have a specific requirement for crude protein. Crude protein is only a measure of the nitrogen content of available feedstuffs, and does little to realize the vast differences in MP coming from the growth of bacterial protein. In a very broad term, diets that are high in fermentable carbohydrates (ie; corn silage) will present the opportunity to support hi ...
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This has been touched on, but you need to do two things to maximize performance with lower protein diets:1. Feed a high-quality mixed (alfalfa and grass) forage with high NDFD to stimulate microbial protein production in the rumen.2. Feed a high-quality protein source with both adequate by-pass protein at the rumen, and highly-digestible by-pass protein in the small intestine.For example, see the ...
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thanks very good article  about dairy cows really
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are there any advantage mastitis vaccine program about reducing scc in dairy cattle?
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