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This is an interesting article on feed additives.
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As long the amino acid profile of the diets, particularly lysine and methionine which are the two major limiting amino acids in the diet, is balanced and a readily fermentable carbohydrate source is included, low CP diets can be adequately utilised to maintain high milk production. Also, the fibre fractions particularly NDF should be also kept at a low level for effective degradation, digestion an ...
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Since tanninferous and saponific forages have shown to have some methanogenic properties, I think breeding of fodders for these properties should be encouraged as a way of mitigating methane emissions.
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There is no gainsaying the enormity of the damage the use of antibiotics and hormones in animal feed/management does to our environment. It is high time we looked into the alternatives to these pharmaceuticals. Though their use may not be completely eradicated, it can be abated. In addition to the solutions proffered, emphasis should be placed on the use of probiotics and improved immune systems t ...
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