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It's recommended as an idea temperature for lactating cows is around 25°C however it is achieved. Barn housed cows must have the right ventilation and a high roof and at the correct degree of +/- 13%. Slurry removal is critical to keep methane gas to a minimum and the barn must have plenty of fresh clean water. In South Africa we have experienced some 10 to 12% increase in milk production.
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To all; In my opinion, in today’s world plenty of people supposing to run a profitable livestock with only northern European breeds and with burning an ambition to make more money feeding ruminants according to their natural structure are almost difficult. As far as I know in the 90s, New Zealanders were feeding livestock only with a grass-based diet not any grain in the world, but now, they also ...
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To Mr Kevin As far as I know, New Zealander dairy farming system was special and admired. After reading this article, I saw that researchers and also farmers from New Zealander were caught European disease, getting more milk and more profit from larger dairy breeds by using of more fertilizer, supplement and medicine. And then more struggle for balancing and make things worse. your's respectfull ...
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To Dr Sharma; I read carefully the opinions, written in forum by some researchers and farmers. Can I get some information about roughage and milk yields of dairy cattle in your country before sharing my ideas?
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Hello It’s a good work but, I want to make some inserts. Firstly, In Turkey, Goat is kept on farm for its milk and meat in combination with for its hair or mohair. Secondly, on the project 1) Before planning and designing any research project, the project should be had only one purposes to reach its target. By using the same animals in the same project, to get too many results and to have m ...
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Dear J. McAllister You are right, dairying has its ups and down. To my opinion, the implementing production or financial practices that can influence the different directions of these UPS and DOWNS couldn't bring always great satisfaction in animal husbandry. It only can give people at the very most trouble. I think, in spite of specifying a very high target that is not able to realize of them, re ...
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Dear M. Looper Thank you very much for this article. But, there are some deficiencies in it according to me. As the unit of measure of weight units, you should use lbs or grams in any equation. There is writing error related to the sizes of water through. I think, “The temperature of drinking water has only a slight effect on drinking behaviour and performance” sentences need for addi ...
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Dear D. Ekin First of all, I congratulate you for trying to feed livestock with the different forage resources by means of TMR. Corn Stover is used for animal feed with simple processes, you know, for many years at Black Sea Region and in these days at Kahraman Maras, in Turkey. I gave some of the web sites at below, which will be useful to you. ...
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It is a very good exhibition. In my opinion, "the world's leading exhibition of animal production and management" expression is a bit exaggerated because I didn't see any company and technical programme of sheep and goat at the exhibition.
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Dear: Mr A. Garcia; I agree with Mr. Saxena. This is an expected result of intensive animal husbandry. If you want to produce cheap, profitable and plentiful amounts of animal products,you have to feed animals with the crops inedible and evaluated by human without the competition with each others for food. This type of feeding is also compatible with the digestive system of ruminants. Best Re ...
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