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Dear Prof. Siedel it is very nice to see highly valued academician in reproduction field in this platform and thanks to summarised article about sexed semen use and technology. I got a lot of help from you while I was working in the field in 2009-2010 with 1000 head holstein herd and I used sexed semen in some heifers. With your academic support we got 100 heifer calves in the program and they are ...
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Your ssurvey is done Ella
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Thanks Dr.Zafar for the beneficial artice As you concluded preventive measures is the key factor to reduce percentage of subclinic mastitis in dairy herds from vaccination to good hygiene and proper feeding. Subclinic mastitis is like iceberg we can not see accurately it's submerged part. Treated cows must be observed for a long time as an infection source.
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Thanks for the article. So what is the difference in metabolism of milk prodution of HF cattle between tropical climate and mild or dry climate.
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Firstly Thanks for the link I read the full article in Theriogenology and I still think that it's sensitivity is not sufficient for the field conditions because we need more sensitive and spesific indicators especially for the pasture based systems where oestrus behaviours more accurate than the enclosed systems..But I am not against its use in the field every indicators has advantages and dis ...
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Vaccination for bacteria which causes mastitis is a practice can be applied in well managed herds but do not hope miracle from vaccination. Hygiene, feeding and proper milking procedures with a good farm management are the key factors for the reduction of mastitis in dairy farms
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It sounds like nonefficient for the field and should be improved for the practical use..
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Turkish Kivircik Sheep
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Dear Sir; Thanks for the article; it sets another light on reproductive health in cattle which is one of the main concern in commercial dairy farming. We are looking forward to your further Works.
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In general natural calendar Works in Pakistan and natural selection is the case
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