Discussion created on March 2, 2021
Hi friends, Has anybody used pelletted alfalfa in their dairy cattle rations. If I have chance I want to use it. But I have doubts because of the particular size of the TMR. If I use the alfalfa pellets instead of hay, the particular size of the TMR will be small. And I think this may cause the acidosis, affect the rumen metabolism. So If there is somebody has used it, share us his experiments, I ...
Discussion created on December 14, 2020
Hello Everybody, The forage prices is very high in Turkey in 2012. Wheat straw is 217.4€/mt and 326.1€/mt for alfalfa hay. In this situation it is very difficult to held a dairy cattle farming. So we have started looking for alternative forage sources. One guy from Israel has adviced me to use corn straw. I have made quick research about it. I got different kind of opinion from people. ...
Discussion created on March 25, 2020
Hi, I just want to have information about guar korma. is it used to feed dariy cattle? If yes how many kilos of it should be used per animal? I have heart that it is used by some feed mills in Turkey. But I have another information that it cause milk yield deppression?
Discussion created on September 3, 2019
Hi Has anybody known that metabolic energy for dairy cattle which is generated by Cornell Universty?
Discussion created on December 9, 2013
I need information about haylage using in dairy cattle feeding. In Turkey it is not common even there is no farm using haylage. This subject is very new for us. So I need any information about haylage. - What kind of hay is suitable for haylage? - Do we need to use inoculant for it? - When is the adequate cutting time? - What is the limit of use? - What kind of equipments do we need? - What is th ...
Discussion created on February 8, 2013
Hello everybody, There is a dairy farm in Turkey. The avarage milk yield of the cows is about 32 lt/day. For 10-15 days, it has seen cecal dilatation and right displaced abomasum very often. As I know either cecal dilatation or displaced abomasum is related wtih particul size of TMR and low forage: concantre ratio in TMR. But the interesting thing is, none of them is wrong. I mean there is 45% of ...
Participation in Forum on July 28, 2011
Thank You very much to Pari Valal. It is very clear info about Guar Korma. And thank for everybody for sharing experience with me.
Participation in Forum on July 19, 2011
Firstly I have to thank for usefull and nice article. I want to ask a question. We can measure dry matter, crude protein, ash, crude fiber, fat in our laboratory. I want to calculate net energy lactation values of feed stufs we use. But I could not reach the right formulas. In last article I read from the internet I should know DE for calculatin Nel. Do you have DE formulas for different kind of f ...
Participation in Forum on June 7, 2011
Thank you very much. I think I need to buy this programme to use this formula. I have tried to download it many times but I couldn't make it run. I need to find the metabolic energy formula for dairy cattle a.s.p. If anybody help me, I would be glad.
Participation in Forum on March 23, 2011
Dear Ferrari, Could pleae give me more explanation or search address about "barley green sprouted"? I do not know this raw material. what is the dry matter, protein..etc. Thank you
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