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Efficacy evaluation of topical herbal spray in subclinical Mastitis

Published: June 18, 2018
In today’s world safe and wholesome milk production is a challenge for the farmers with increasing incidences of different types of diseases and emergence of new and resistant pathogens due to indiscriminate and unjustified uses of antibiotics/ antimicrobials. When we are talking about the prevalent diseases Mastitis one of the major disease which cause trouble not only to animals and farme...
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Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey
Praful Kumar
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Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey
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Marilou M. Lumanta
8 de octubre de 2018
Hi Frederick, Good afternoon. I would love to hear updates from you so that I can share it with the 2,000 plus dairy farmers that we have. Thank you. Ms. Ching
masoud boroumand jazi
28 de octubre de 2018
Marilou M. Lumanta Thanks a lot. I wish you successful.
Dr. M.N.balakrishnan Nair
17 de octubre de 2018

The spray which we are using is now under field trial will be ready for manufacturing and marketing soon. The formulation which we are using is good for all type s of mastitis with 91.7 per cent efficacy. The study on the microbiome of the udder when treated with this formulation is underway.

I was trying to get the details of the Ghana conference but was not able to get it.
I shall be thankful do anybody who can provide the details to me.

Jasmer Singh
28 de octubre de 2018
Dr. M.N.balakrishnan Nair Please send me the results with full protocol when you publish it. Thanks Jasmer Singh
11 de diciembre de 2019

Dr. M.N.balakrishnan Nair
It's been a year now, how the field trial % increased any? Decreased any or remained the same. Is it available to the public yet?

Dr Prashanth T
25 de octubre de 2018

@ Dr. Amit Kumar

Want to understand the methods followed to measure somatic cell counting in milk

1. Manual counting
2. Electronic somatic cell counter

Whether the method used was validated before the clinical study design?

As SCC is critical measure to prove the efficacy of herbal spray

Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy
23 de septiembre de 2019
There is no subclinical mastitis in cattle.. Milk contains 87 - 89 % water . Decrease water intake leads to what is called subclinical mastitis .
Sanjay Patil
4 de noviembre de 2019
Supplementation of Vit A 1lac IU, D3 20000 IU with Vit E 4 gm and organic Zinc @4gm /day would be beneficial in reduction of subclinical mastitis by improved immune status. Also regular inclusion of these will be effective to reduce SCC.
Vilas Chothe
9 de noviembre de 2019
Which is the best antibiotic to treat sub clinical. ..Clinical....and Dry period (early and close ) mastitis....And economic to dairy farmers
Vilas Chothe
9 de noviembre de 2019
Allopathic and herbal
Faruk Aral
9 de noviembre de 2019
Can you re-write the Vitamin A dose? Vitamins and mineral supplements for subclinical mastitis are a very nice solution. I congratulate you.
Jasmer Singh
3 de marzo de 2022
Well continue this vague conversation and the best would be expected after a long wait...?
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