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masoud boroumand jazi
Mainly As a teacher.
Participation in Forum on August 29, 2023
What is the effect of balancing ration for amino acid on price of diet?
Participation in Forum on November 9, 2020
Very good.
Participation in Forum on October 31, 2020
Hi you are very good in cooling system. be successful.
Participation in Forum on October 10, 2020
Hi. it was a good & effective article. Thanks a lot
Participation in Forum on March 10, 2020
I have used DDGS in my dairy farm diets. because of its price, palatability and bypass protein, I think it's a very good feed stuff. So I recommend its use.
Participation in Forum on February 23, 2020
Dear Dr. Nenov, greetings from IRAN. when we use more concentrate, the life time, fat percentage and the health of our animal will decrease as you know. When we use something like Actisaf, it 'll help, but the question is, how much?
Participation in Forum on January 15, 2020
Dr. Mustapha Salawu You are right, but as you know Soya protein is deficient of enough methionine. So sometimes, in high producing cows, it is necessary to use protected methionine, especially if use soya as the main protein source.
Participation in Forum on January 13, 2020
In my experience, the use of protected amino acids (lysine and methionine) can be useful economically, and in the aspect of reproduction in high producing cows. But it is very important to consider the kinds of protein sources in the diet. In addition, to pay attention to NFC is very important.
Participation in Forum on July 13, 2019
Mineral requirements of dairy cattle depends on the type of forage, temperature, quality of water and production . Regards.
Participation in Forum on March 18, 2019
In order to determine the mineral requirements of dairy cattle, it's necessary to notice the analysis of water, especially in dry lands. Regards.
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