Israel Flamenbaum
PhD (Animal Science)
consult dairy farms in properly manage and cool dairy cows in hot regions, as well as provide them with recommendations for the best use of cooling solutions.
PhD (Animal Science)
Participation in Forum on April 28, 2020
waqas ahmad Dear SirThanks for your commentsI do not enter into other factors out of the cooling process, which is the field of my expertise. I leave the others to other experts in case they are interested in contributing to this discussion.
Article published the April 24, 2020
Achieving high conception rate is one of the conditions for achieving efficient production of milk at farm level. For many years the Israeli dairy industry suffered, like other farms in warm countries, a significant decline in the ability to pregnant the cows during summer months, causing reduction in the efficiency of milk production and seasonality in milk supply to the industry and market. Unl ...
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Article published the April 20, 2020
Dairy sectors all over the world have been using the cattle heat load index (THI) as a mean of characterizing the climatic conditions to which cows are exposed. This is true when analyzing the results of experiments and surveys, as well as the routine by which milk producers operate their farms. The heat load index is based on a formula that includes the ambient temperature and relative humidity ...
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Participation in Forum on January 3, 2020
Rafael Angel Paredes this is another issue, Rafael! The evaluation we make is on a certain type of cow and in this case, Holstein cows in high productive level weighting 600-700 kg.
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Ehsan Theoretically, the preferred ratio for all parameters studies is 1.0 To my opinion, being realistic, a ratio of above 0.9 for PR (which is different from CR), will be considered as good !
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dr. jamil .m. dear Dr Jamil, thanks for your comment. I have already sent an e. mil and ask for correction. I guess it is delayed due to new year holidays.
Article published the December 30, 2019
Summer heat stress causes significant economic losses to the U.S. livestock and especially the dairy industry. Different studies conducted in the United States indicate an annual loss of about $ 1.5 billion to the dairy US industry. This is due to unsuccessful confrontation of US dairy farmers with the heat stress problem. The losses differ of course, between different regions of the United States ...
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Article published the December 17, 2019
Cooling means to reduce heat stress from cows was developed over the last four decades in Israel, and are applied to a different degree of success in many farms in the world.  Cooling cows in the farm is based on the daily routine, which includes of cooling the cows by a combination of wetting and forced ventilation in the waiting yard and in the feeding line. In addition, cows are force ven ...
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Article published the October 30, 2019
Heat stress is considered one of the most influential factors in the profitability of dairy farms, especially in the hot regions of the world. In the conferences and publications that I have published over the years, I mainly dealt with the economic benefits that may arise from the proper installation and operation of the means to dissipate the heat generated by the cows. The purpose of this arti ...
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Article published the October 30, 2019
Heat stress is considered an influential factor in the profitability of dairy farms, especially in the hot regions of the world. In the first part of my article, previous to this, I described how heat stress impairs cow's performance and farm profitability. In the current article, I plan to show, based on the literature, my own experience and calculations, how proper cooling can reduce the negativ ...
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