Israel Flamenbaum
PhD (Animal Science)
consult dairy farms in properly manage and cool dairy cows in hot regions, as well as provide them with recommendations for the best use of cooling solutions.
PhD (Animal Science)
Article published the April 11, 2022
Heat stress is one of the major loss factors in the dairy industry of many countries in the world, especially those located in warm regions. The loss caused to dairy farms raises from the decrease in cow’s annual milk production and in feeding efficiency, together with the impairment in cow’s health and fertility.The most common cooling treatment provided to the cows today, combines cy ...
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Article published the January 17, 2022
In a previous article I published here, I presented the different opinions that exist about the causes of global warming in recent decades, and I also brought to the attention of readers the opinion of researchers who deny that human activity in the last 150 years is the main cause for it. According to these researchers, global warming is part of a million-year-old cyclical process, in which the w ...
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Article published the November 25, 2021
The climate issue has been in the headlines lately. This article was written in the week that begins in Glasgow, Scotland, the Climate Conference, with the participation of many world leaders announcing the intention to completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), by 2050. The global dairy industry is in this context and it is also in the headlines, ...
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Article published the November 16, 2021
Summer heat stress has been considered in these days as one of the greatest causes for losses in the world dairy sector. Italian Breeders Association (A.I.A.), adopted the Summer to Winter ratio (S:W) index, a heat stress assessment tool based on the ratio between summer (July – September) and winter (January – March) farm performances. S:W ratio has been developed in Israel and adopte ...
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Article published the September 23, 2021
Adult lactating cows receive more attention when it comes to the negative effects of heat stress, as compared to heifers. This is because lactating cows need to dissipate more heat, running out of milk production and feed consumption and digestion to support it. The losses, caused by exposing adult cows to heat stress conditions include drop in milk production and composition, fertility, health an ...
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Article published the May 12, 2021
In a previous article published some years ago here, dealing with cooling project that I accompanied in northern Mexico, I described the results from the first and second years of its implementation. The data were presented in a limited way, for a series of dairy farms belonging to the "Alpura" dairy cooperative, located in the warm regions of northern Mexico and characterized by long summer month ...
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Participation in Forum on April 22, 2021
Hello Tariq, it depends in your capabilities to provide cows good feeding, health and management conditions. if so, i propose Holstein cows. But, in case you don't, then you can go for cosses (in different rate according to management dergree), between Holstein and local Bos indicus cattale.
Participation in Forum on April 17, 2021
Tariq Ali Bhurgri Hi TariqWhere are you planning to open this farm?Hope the information in the article will help you.more literature on my web site - will be glad to help youfor contact, my e mail address -
Article published the March 31, 2021
The summer of 2020 will be remembered as one of the hottest summers in Israel in decades. The summer heated many agricultural sectors, including the dairy industry. Beyond high heat load conditions throughout the summer, two unusual heat waves stood out in particular. The first heat wave was in May and the second in early September, as can be seen in fig 1.Fig. 1 – average daily milk product ...
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Participation in Forum on February 11, 2021
Pascal SOREL Hello Paskal, thanks for uour comment, i am familiar with your product The question is economic The cooling system i presented is relatively of low cost and was shown in many cases as highly cost effective. In many studies, the wind and water system almost "close the gap" of summer drop in performance (Summer to winter ratio of 0.98 in good cooling farms), therefore, your proposed sy ...
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