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Dr. Flamenbaum is a world-renowned agriculturist, bringing over four decades of expertise to the field of dairy cattle – specializing in strategic planning of dairy projects in warm climates, with emphasis on the relief of heat stress.
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The key to managing your herd through heat stress is being ready for it. Watching the weather forecast to understand the Temperature Humidity Index (THI) is the first step in managing heat stress. The color-coded chart and tips list can help you keep your cows comfortable during summer heat.It’s important to provide fresh, cool water (70-86 degrees F.) during times of heat stress so cows can ...
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In a lecture I gave at the 29th Israel Dairy Conference, held in Jerusalem in November 2017, I presented the principles of my work in consulting dairy farms around the world on coping with negative effect of summer heat stress, and the achievements we reached in different countries due to the correct implementation of cow cooling methods. At the beginning of my lecture, I presented the basic condi ...
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