Video published on July 4, 2022
We are back at the Real Science Exchange and invite you to pull up a chair and join us to discuss the effects of heat stress on late gestation cows. Dr. Geoff Dahl with the University of Florida and Dr. Jimena Laporta with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, join Scott Sorrell and Dr. Clay Zimmerman.
Video published on July 4, 2022
Heat stress can have a huge impact on all cows; reducing dry matter intake, suppressing immune responses and decreasing reproductive performance. Dr. Geoff Dahl takes a closer look at how heat stress affects late gestation cows and the additional toll heat stress takes on the resulting calf.
Article published the September 24, 2015
Diamond V and university scientists presented 13 oral and poster presentations involving studies with Diamond V products, including Original XPC™ and SmartCare®. However, the Diamond V team also reviewed many other interesting and useful studies, with abstracts and reviewer notes subsequently organized by Kevin Leahy, PhD, Diamond V Dairy Technical Specialist. For a complete collection ...
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Article published the March 20, 2014
Introduction Numerous studies across multiple locations support the concept that lactating cows exposed to 16 to 18 hours of light each day (i.e., long day photoperiod, or LDPP) have greater milk yield relative to cows on a typical light schedule of natural photoperiod plus some additional light to accommodate milking on a 12:12-hour schedule (reviewed in Dahl et al., 2000). The increase in milk ...
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Article published the May 17, 2011
Introduction Traditionally, management of cows during the dry period was minimal. Approximately 60 days before calving, milking would cease and cows were treated with long lasting antibiotic in an attempt to clear up any lingering subclinical mastitis and prevent new infections. Cows were typically removed from the milking herd, given reduced feed, and often exposed to pasture and allowed to ...
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