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I work in the animal industry with a very prominant interest in the dairy industry. I help trouble shoot issues that producers and other nutritionists and consultants have in practices and in the health of the animals and the meat,milk, and eggs that are produced. I pride...
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If supplying organic Trace elements I thought that replacing the inorganic sources with a portion of the organic sources was proper--not as an extra supplement due to over feeding of heavy metals. I have used organic trace elements with a polysaccaride bond for many years now and am very pleased with the effects that have come in the form of better breeding and heats not to mention the better ea ...
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mIt is interesting to me that the garlic oil does not come accross in the milk as an off flavor. I would like to see more work done on these oils and extracts along with other comercial products that are used in the U.S.A. like Monensin to see if there is additional affects on rumen modification with the inclusion of both ingredents. I think that this product would work well on many farms howeve ...
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Dr. Smith makes some pretty nice points in this article about Dairy Herd. I know that it is not the eaisiest to make high reproduction efficiency happen on most of the herds today. However, I have been making progress in this area with herds around 27000 to 30000 RHA having calving intervals around that 13.0 to 13.5. I have been adding the trace minerals in the form of polysaccaride complexes in t ...
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Interesting question about Metabolic energy for dairy cattle. I use the CNCPS model from Cornell, Penn State and MIner institute. The program works well --often times it will give you insight to what will happen in your herd if you know how to watch the numbers that it computes. I have used it for about three years now. It does calculate for net energy and metabolizable energy levels.
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