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While there is no data on this, it would most likely be best to deliver a second feeding (if feeding 2x/d) 12 hours later....and make sure feed is pushed up continually (ideally hourly) in between feed deliveries.
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Ehsan Theoretically, the preferred ratio for all parameters studies is 1.0 To my opinion, being realistic, a ratio of above 0.9 for PR (which is different from CR), will be considered as good !
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Thanks for your great paper. Do you have any prefer ratio for pregnancy rate? Or, pregnancy rate is the same as conception ratio?
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Thanks for sharing your great experiences. What is the best summer: winter pregnancy rate based on your own studies? Do you have any document for that? I have one of your papers in which there is no information about pregnancy rate but there is some information about conception rate. As the second question, what is your opinion about "cross ventilation" in hot and dry area? Look forward to hearing ...
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Cooling means to reduce heat stress from cows was developed over the last four decades in Israel, and are applied to a different degree of success in many farms in the world.  Cooling cows in the farm is based on the daily routine, which includes of cooling the cows by a combination of wetting and forced ventilation in the waiting yard and in the feeding line. In addition, cows are force ven ...
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Ehsan The samples must be independent, not subsamples. So you sample forage, put it into a bag and then repeat entire process and put other sample into a bag and have lab analyze each bag
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Nwose Roseline Nwuguru I got the point, but my question was about a common method which is being used by farmers. Usually, we take samples from the beginning, middle and end of feed bunk and pool them together. My question was: can we duplicate this method and have two pools?
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William P Weiss Thanks Bill. What would be your recommendation for sampling throughout the feed bunk? Do you recommend to take duplicate samples from the beginning, middle and the end of feed bunk and pool the to make 2 separate polled samples?
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Introduction Proper sampling of ration ingredients and submitting those samples for nutrient analysis to a good lab are essential components of diet formulation. The relative importance of sampling, analytical, and real variation on overall variation in nutrient composition data of ingredients has been discussed at previous conferences (Weiss et al., 2012; Weiss et al., 2014). Sampling variation ...
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Great work. What do you mean by "duplicate" sampling? It means dividing the same sample to 2 samples and analyzing both of them separately?
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