Article published the November 23, 2017
IntroductionDuring the transition from pregnancy to lactation increased energy and calcium demands for colostrum and milk production, combined with a decline in dry matter intake (DMI) around parturition, can result in negative energy balance (NEB), increased lipid mobilization [1,2] and a reduction in plasma concentrations of calcium [3,4]. These changes increase the risk of metabolic and infecti ...
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Article published the September 28, 2017
1. IntroductionSocial licking is defined as the act of one individual licking the body of another [1]. This behavior is routinely observed at birth when the dam licks her offspring [2], at courtship when the male licks a female in estrus [3], but it also occurs in other contexts between animals of the same sex and age [4]A variety of functions for this behavior have been proposed. For example, rec ...
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Article published the September 15, 2017
Many dairy cows in the developed world are now housed exclusively indoors with fewer than 5% of the 10 million lactating cows in the United States having access to pasture during the grazing season. Indoor housing systems are designed to meet biological needs for food, water, hygiene, and shelter, but surveys of public and farmer opinion suggest that people think that pasture access is also import ...
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Video published on January 8, 2016
Marina A. G. von Keyserlingk speaks about the Animal Welfare Program in the University of British Columbia which focuses in dairy cattle welfare.
Video published on January 8, 2016
Marina Von Keyserlingk (University of British Columbia) discussed stalls design, identification of injuries and other factors to provide guidance for the prevention of lameness, during the International Conference Lameness in Ruminants 2015 in Valdivia, Chile.
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