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Hi Everybody interested in mastitis control in animals please do read this article before proceeding further. This article might add something positive in controlling this malady i.e., MASTITIS. Jasmer Singh
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Very useful information, especially for the young practicing veterinarians and farm managers. Higher levels of Vitamin E along with Selenium supplemented in the ration during the last two months of calving helps building strong immune response that could greatly help in reducing SCC post calving. Great piece of information !! Thanks
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So to those who say that the only way to "cure" Mastitis is for the cow to never get it. That's a good option.Except for the fact that there are cows (& other's animal's) that freshen for the first time that end up with it. Not because of unsanitary conditions or because someone else in the herd or group might have it. But simply (or maybe not so simply) because they turn out to be heavy milke ...
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Congratulations on an excellent producer oriented paper on stimulating and strengthening the animal's immune system! We often forget the basic concepts when we are trying to put nutrition and management systems in place for a livestock operator. Quite often remembering the "old school" information and covering the basics first is the best way for us to make solid progress in animal production.
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Would this herbal formulation work positively for a wet gangrene mastitis situation?
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Lorenzo Quesnel This is efficacious for subclinical, clinical klebsiella mastitis and chronic mastitis the result is supported by microbiome study of the udder. the paper is under publication this also can prevent mastitis . there will be slight change in the protocol for treatment of subclinical, clinical klebsiella mastitis and chronic mastitis recovery of chronic mastitis is about 75%
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My mastitis spray will be available shortly. We got delayed because of COVID 19.We only trained AMUL, Saberkanta vets to use this formulation. I am waiting for the Shelf life and the toxicity study. we have completed a microbiome study before and after treatment to ensure and confirm that the mastitis is cured. I assure that by end of the year the spray will be available in the market with full sc ...
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Adopting the Ethno-veterinary Science and Practices to combat infectious and other clinical conditions in livestock has been identified and tested as a key game changer in reducing the use of antibiotic and other veterinary drugs in veterinary practices. It is also indicated that EVP was extremely helpful for the farmers during the corona lock down period as these formulations could be prepared a ...
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Selsaf®3000 is a natural source of organic selenium for all species of animals (pigs, poultry, dairy, aquaculture…) The main compounds of Selsaf®3000 are L-selenomethionine and L-selenocysteine. L-selenomethionine is incorporated into body proteins as the main selenium storage, and used as a precursor to L-selenocysteine. L-selenocysteine plays an essential role against oxidative stress as a key e ...
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Dr. M.N.balakrishnan Nair It's been a year now, how the field trial % increased any? Decreased any or remained the same. Is it available to the public yet?
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