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Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey
BVSc & AH, MVSc.(Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology), PhD (Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology)
Right now I am associated with Ayurvet Limited as Technical expert with the export team. Ayurvet is one of India's leading animal care companies specializing in 100% natural & safe herbal products.
BVSc & AH, MVSc.(Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology), PhD (Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology)
Participation in Forum on September 16, 2019
Dr. Fiodor is very much correct. It is very important to understand the way amino acids and vitamins are utilized in the body. The process is complex and requires other co-factors to perform the specific required actions. Herbal methionine/extracts actually are the partial bio-activity replacer of the DL-Methionine. It performs its function inside the body. Herbal extract (Methiorep) is the analog ...
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S. M. A. Halim You may conveniently replace 50% of DL-Methionine with the product that Dr. Woo Kyun Kim is referring to i.e. Methiorep (M/s Ayurvet Limited, India).
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Roger Tague The herbal methionine-replacer being referred to by Dr. Woo Kyun Kim is Methiorep (M/s Ayurvet Limited, India).
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BAYRAM KOC The product being referred to by Dr. Kim is Methiorep (M/s Ayurvet Limited, India). The product is a herbal replacer for chemical methionine. You surely know how we can use artificial sweeteners to reduce our requirement of sugar. You see, sugars have two different functions, that of providing energy and making food sweet to taste. When one wants to make food taste sweeter without gain ...
Participation in Forum on August 20, 2019
Natural solutions based on herbs and essential oils are showing very promising efficacy in countering the deleterious effect of loose dropping in poultry. Essential oils counter the pathogenic activity of harmful bacteria due to its anti-quorum sensing activity. The herbal phytogenic constituents and essential oils work in synergy to prevent and treat GIT related problems in poultry and pigs. Salc ...
Article published the July 25, 2019
The liver plays a key role as being the center of a number of digestive, metabolic and productive activities. Oxidative stress leads to biological damage and is regarded as one of the causes of several pathologies that affect poultry growth. In heat stressed broilers, liver cells showed “fatty degeneration” with dilation of the sinusoid, which causes reduced metabolism and stunted grow ...
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Article published the July 1, 2019
Introduction:Dairying has been considered to be one of the livelihood options for rural poor people, especially for landless, marginal, and small farmers in India and world. Generally, the productivity in dairy sector is low and smallholders are constrained by lack of access to quality feed. Although professionals have pointed out the importance of feeding, the ground realities or practices about ...
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Article published the June 19, 2019
Mastitis is a multifactorial and costliest disease of all milk producing ruminants. Lack of scientific health care and managemental practices has been repeatedly high lightened for cause of mastitis. Early detection and a holistic approach is a bare need of days to combat mastitis in milch animals. The maintenance of hygienic environment, udder health and enhancement of udder immunity has been rec ...
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Article published the May 29, 2019
Heat stress is a major welfare problem in poultry industry leading to huge economic losses every year, because of heavy mortality and decreased performance. High temperatures, especially when coupled with high humidity, imposes severe stress on broiler birds and lead to reduced performance. In the past few decades, a number of Ayurvedic herbal immunomodulators and antistressors have been extensive ...
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Article published the May 15, 2019
Vitamins and minerals are the key ingredients of the poultry ration and their role in normal body functions, growth, and reproduction is well known. Their supplementation in ration has given utmost importance but their extent of absorption and utilization by the birds are not of much concern. Therefore, we must also focus on the absorption and utilization of the supplied nutrients by the bird. The ...
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