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Natural Remedies has always been keen on serving human and animals alike by amalgamating ancient Indian traditional system of Ayurveda with modern scientific methodologies. Over 50 years of operations, we have faced various challenges with respect to the efficacy of natural products. To overcome this challenge, the concept of NRSBP™ was introduced and studied. NRSBP&trade ...
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Jasmer Singh Thank you Sir. I shall send it on Monday.
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Jasmer Singh Respected Dr Jasmer Singh Sir: Everyone in India and International community of Veterinarian knows you. Sir, I am MJ Saxena now Managing Director of Dabur Ayurvet who used to meet you with Dr MB Chabra our research advisor at that time. Sir, Mastilep is the most researched product and there is book on Management of Mastitis with Mastilep. Kindly send your e mail or postal address and ...
Participation in Forum on August 11, 2018
Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan I agree with you Dr Khan that most herbal products are not backed up by science and clinical efficacy validation data. However I have been associated with R&D of Herbals and basis my 32 years of experience can state that there is scientific Herbals with proven clinical efficacy evidence. Interestingly there is no placebo effect in animals and they respond as per environme ...
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Mohamed Fawzy Elsawy Dear Dr. Elsawy: Subclinical Mastitis is like spark before the fire. Before pathological Mastitis sets in Udder immune barrier fights the entering pathogens by transforming circulating lymphocytes into PMN which transform the role as Natural killer cell by producing cytokines specially CD 4-8. So long as the teat canal primary parried to microbe reaching udder is effecting to ...
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There is strong correlation between cellular fluid transport across the membrane through permeability modulation controlled by C-AMP and ionic flux. The hypersecretion into lumen results in ionic loss and permeability resulting in poor cellular energy. The resorption mechanism ex-osmosis is caused by several polyhydric sugar moiety thus reviving cellular integrity. Psyllium is one such herb beside ...
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News published on June 1, 2016
Ayurvet limited recently inaugurated it best in class Research and Development Laboratory at Sonipat, Haryana. The visionary chairman of the company, Mr. Pradeep Burman was the chief guest of the event, accompanied by MD, Mr M.J. Saxena and the entire Ayurvet team members. Under the Prescient leadership of The Chairman and MD, Ayurvet is setting newer heights in the field of Animal healt ...
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